Saturday, January 19, 2013

Random, Wandering Thoughts

Random thoughts:
  • I just hate when I find a product I love only to have it go away. Not go away as in a friend or sister stole it out of my house, but as in whoever made it decided to stop.
  • Bodycology's "Sugared Vanilla Bean" fragrance falls on the list of things that went away. So does the Brown Sugar and Fig line of products at The Body Shop. (I actually won't buy from them because of that.)
  • In the Foods Not Great For Me department: I can't decide which gelato tastes better  - the Talenti or Villa Dolce brand. I wonder if either comes close to "authentic" gelato? ~shrug~
  • 26 days, 10 hours smoke free. I'm happy and proud, but why the hell am I just as broke as I was before this? Dafuq is up with that, huh? (I got my new cuss word from a cool G+ chick)
  • I hate conceited folk. I don't care who you are, you just ain't that hot.
  • I hate whining. It's not that bad if you are still able to whine.
  • I love someone who can laugh. I don't mean a cute "tee-hee" kind of thing - I mean a big old gut throbbing laugh. (I really love someone with a contagious laugh. I have a niece who has me laughing when I don't even know what's so dang funny.)
  • Mad, mad, mad that I cannot figure out how to wear eyeliner without damn near putting out an eye! (Told my niece about this & she gave me a tip: apply a little face cream around the eye, blot, then apply liner. Goes on smoother. Well, I will be damned.)
  • Started this post yesterday and today someone made me laugh right from the gut. My friend got a perfectly timed photo:

good thing I'd already brushed those teeth.
  • Putting together my Amazon Wish List. Told my sister and she dead-panned, "What for?" (Guess I will alert the brothers since my sister doesn't seem that interested!)
  • Just thought of something I should ask my doctor about: is it  possible to have a vanilla deficiency? Not as in "not enough Keanu," but as in vanilla spray, vanilla candles, vanilla hand lotion... I am seriously beginning to wonder.
Anyway. That's enough of that. I was starting to bore myself into a nod-off. Tomorrow I will be happier and more interesting. I promise. (Baby DJ gets back on the red-eye tonight. I can't wait.)

In case you've all forgotten how adorable my nephew is, here's a throw-back pic: