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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

**REVIEW** Comodo Internet Security

This is what I've been using on my PC for a while. I'm thinking of finding another program though because, while I hate change, I'm getting frustrated with this one...

All I want is a security program that will clean my PC of threats, warn me of potential threats, and help me maintain, monitor and keep some control of installed/downloaded stuff. Oh - and said program must be user-friendly without my having to run to the Help section every time I want to use it. Am I asking too much? Am I dreaming? Maybe.

Here is why I'm dreading trying to replace Comodo, but feel I must.


  • Nice surface interface (as far as how things are labeled for the user)
  • What works, works very well and quickly
  • Has a ton of features available
  • It updates easily
  • I can't figure out a lot of the features so I don't use them
  • What works, works well, but only if you can figure out how to make them work
  • The "Help" features sucks for a novice
  • While the surface interface looks great, the best stuff is in the nuts & bolts. Which I can't ever easily get to.
Basically, this would be the perfect Internet Security program if it were more user-friendly.

For some reason, Comodo insists on "Sandboxing" my of my regular and long-used programs - even though I've designated it as Trusted. When it does isolate this program, I have to try to remember how to clear it. It's not a simple process (and the process shown in Help is not the one that works).

Comodo is probably a great security program for someone with better skills than my own.  I know how to use my computer and the internet; I don't want to have to take a class in how to use the program that's supposed to help keep my PC safe. I'm just too tired of having to figure out how to solve issues in Comodo.

That said, I think that some people will love Comodo. Just not me. I don't have time or patience to solve a puzzle every time I run security on my computer.

I'm now on the hunt for an inexpensive (or free) program to replace Comodo. Even though I am dreading the chore...


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