Saturday, July 12, 2014

**REVIEW** Kiehl's Creme de Corps (lotion)

From my wonderful L'Oreal box of goodies, I picked out a couple of faves. I've already reviewed 5 Sec Blur from Garnier. My other fave? This lotion from Kiehl's:

It's good stuff. Just as promised by the site's info, the lotion is non-greasy and hydrating. I was kind of surprised at how well it worked when I used it. For one thing, it doesn't seem as thick as some other "rich" lotions out there. It feels a little wetter.

  • Takes very little to get results
  • Gives skin a nice softness that lasts all day long
  • No unpleasant odor (I smelled nothing)
  • Has a squeeze top - not  a pump (great for packing!)
  • Comes in sizes from 2.5oz - 1 liter (that one has a pump)
  • On-site reviews claim that it does improve skin texture over time
  • Pricey (from $11 to $75)

As usual, I didn't read all the suggestions for use before I, uh, used the product. I just slapped some on and rubbed it in. Turns out, there's a little tip for better results (I guess): apply lotion and let it "soak in" before dressing. That makes sense, if I applied more of it, but I'm being stingy to make the bottle last. I apply it the same as I do any other lotion - meaning I just apply it and go.
Maybe I'll try the "soak" application one day. Right now, it's all I can do to find time to shower and moisturize at all.

I've talked here before about the state of my extremely dry feet. This lotion works well enough to make my feet feel good. (I've been drinking more water lately, so that could be a contributing factor.) Because I'm a fanatic about moisturizing, I don't let my skin get too dry in the first place but, if I had to rate this lotion, I'd say that it does work really well. Since I haven't been using the "soak" method, I can tell you that it doesn't take much of it to moisturize from the shoulders down. My hands are almost as dry as my feet (almost, sort of) because I tend to wash and sanitize them throughout the day. The Kiehl's does soothe that dryness instantly, and the results last a long time.

I don't know if I will be able to buy this lotion often but, if I could, I would. The price is in a neighborhood I reserve for shoes and purses: $29.50 for the 8.4 oz bottle I received. However, there are a variety of sizes so the $11 2.5 oz bottle would be a nice to have in one of those purses.

If you have super-dry skin and are looking for a good lotion, this might be worth it. The reviews from customers (on the brand site) are very favorable.

By the way, I noticed that Kiehl's has a facial cream. Interesting. I'm going to have to see if I can get my hands on a sample...