Monday, July 14, 2014

Damages and Joy

Sunday was a nice family day. A bunch of us drove out to Eagle River to take DJ to the Bearclaw Bear Paw Festival. I rode with two of the nieces and, for some reason, I played a CD full of Elton John and Creedance Clearwater Revival. Big mistake. We all ended up meloncholy (and one of us just broke down and bawled).

This song is one of those with lyrics that almost every person with damages can relate to - damaged youth, damaged love, damaged dreams.

Wow. Yeah.

I think the mood did us all at least a little bit of good. I know that I was ready for some fun afterwards.
Nice drive
HATE this in winter

Look at that view

 The drive alone brought back memories of going to Eagle River to visit my dad when he was so sick.

Oh, THAT moose. Huh.

Yeah. Right.

This is who it was all for


I wanted to, but...
not today

He's going for a ride!

He was happier than he looked

Look at all these big folk. Eating fair food... ~sigh~
My niece will be leaving tonight, so I'm glad we all got to have a nice family day together. I think we must have depressed the weather with our earlier mood. It started raining just as we all got something to eat.

This picky eater was just killing the kettle corn!

I ask for some, but...
The rain kept coming down, so we headed back to Anchorage.

Fit our earlier mood
Right about the time we hit the highway, I remembered I'd wanted to have some funnel cake. Oh well. It was a great time & I got to knock out a quickie post.