Monday, September 08, 2014

**PRODUCT FIND** Yes to Carrots (lip butter)

This is not a proper "review", so I'm going to call it a "product find".

I found this the other day at WalMart in Mason City. I'd misplaced my regular lip balm and was having an attack of sandpaper lips.

The "flavor" I chose

Can get in a 4-pack
When it comes to lip balms and butters, my main requirement is that they don't have an overwhelming scent or taste. For some reason, most lip products that do have a heavy taste or flavor tend to chap my lips. Weird, huh? I can even only use Burt's Bees or Carmex products on my lips when they are already in good shape.

This Yes to Carrots lip butter was soooo good to my lips on the day when they had been dried out for much of the morning. My family and I had been out for a while and I'd lost my lip balm that morning. By the afternoon, I'd been licking and chewing at my lips so much that they were getting raw. As soon as we got to WalMart, I headed off to find something to soothe my kisser.

Most of the inexpensive lip products I saw were obviously flavored (as Cherry, Chocolate, Fruity, etc.). Ugh! The rest (including Nivea lip butter, which I like) were too pricey.

The balm I chose is labeled as being "berry", but I also saw the words "with Olive Fruit Oil" on the label. To keep from spending $3.00 or more on another product, I picked the Yes to Carrots because it was around $1.30-something.

I put it on as soon as I paid for it because my lips were starting to burn a little bit by then. I'm pretty sure they looked as awful as they felt. Yuck.


No flavor/smell (berry or otherwise) that I could detect, and the moisturizing was immediate. Not heavy or too "chap-sticky" but just soothing enough to relieve my lip situation.

Yes! Perfect.

Now, I haven't tried any of the other products from Yes to Carrots but, since I've fallen in love with the lip butter, I can't wait to.

Here's the thing: when I checked online, I couldn't find the single tube of "berry" butter I got from WalMart. Also, the prices on the site were much higher. Maybe I was getting a sale price the day I bought mine? Even so, the 3-pack prices on the site are not that bad. Besides, I will probably always get mine at WalMart or some other drugstore, so...

Now that I've been on their site, I am going to be looking in-store for the Yes to Coconut Cooling Lip Oil. Sounds good, huh?

As for their product ingredients and "recipes" - which sound great - I am a little confused about the labeling on individual tubes/containers. My lip butter indicates the Olive Fruit Oil, but I didn't see that mentioned on the site's ingredient page. At any rate, I like that they have and list their product "standards". Very nice.