Friday, September 26, 2014

**REVIEW** Body Merry Cellulite Defense Cream (part 1 review)

I love my! My latest product received is one that I hate to admit I need. It's a cellulite-fighting cream from Body Merry. Actually, it's their Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream. And, yes, I am in a little bit of a battle with cellulite. Not a huge battle, mind you, but... When I gained all that weight while on prednisone, I was careful to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more. More than I usually do. Still, now that I have lost a lot of the weight (10 pounds in three weeks, thanks to some stress), whenever I sit down, I notice a slight dimpling on my legs where that elusive "thigh gap" is supposed to be.

Because I have only been using this for couple of weeks, I can tell you that, while I haven't seen dramatic results yet,  my problem areas do look better (probably due to the extra moisturizing). I am going to need to use this product for a while longer before I can review any more definitive results, I will use this post to give you my initial impressions. In a few weeks, I will update with a "part 2" that will let you know what kind of effects I will have noticed. For now, let's take a look.

First off, you know how I am about smells, right? Well, I thought I was going to dislike the odor of this because of all the mention of "herbal" and "organic" in the product description. (I love most things herbal and organic, but the smell of such things can be tricky!)

Happily, I discovered that, while there is a slight odor, there is no stink. It reminds me of something slightly eucalyptus-y except not anywhere near as strong. Anyway, the odor dissipates by the time cream dries.

Oh, yes - it really is a "gel cream", as described on the label. It's a little bit gel-ly like. I found this out when I was careless while removing the safety seal. I almost dumped out some of it when I opened and tilted the jar! This product is extremely moist. What I like about such "runny" creams is that I can usually get away with making a little bit of it go a long way. (If I don't dump it all over the floor in a klutz move...)

Because I recently lost my glasses (long story), I was not able to read the complete list of ingredients on the jar, but I found this on Amazon:

Some of our KEY ingredients are: Caffeine + Retinol + Algae Extract + Kelp + Dulse + Organic Cayenne + Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract + Organic Coconut Oil + MSM + Vitamin E + Organic Sweet Almond Oil + Organic Aloe + Apricot Kernel Oil

Have to say that I like all those.

If you have or or don't need glasses, this is for you:

I have heard and read lots of information on how good coffee is for treating cellulite. I've also heard that coffee/caffeine has no effect as a cellulite treatment. If coffee is not the solution, then regularly massaging the skin with a good cream is (and this cream is excellent for that). Then there is what I'm hearing about retinol for improving problem areas. I've actually tried homemade coffee scrubs (messy, sooo messy!) and, like I've mentioned, I'm diligent about moisturizing regularly. I'd rather drink my coffee for kicks and use a body product that makes less of a mess in the shower, so this cream could be just the thing.

I have used the cream almost every day so far, massaging it into my thigh area twice a day. At first, I was worried about whether or not there would be any tingling or stinging sensation because of the "horsetail" ingredient I'd be using for the first time. There was no unpleasant sensation and the texture of the cream really made for a nice massage.

Body Merry has a 100% money-back, "no questions asked" guarantee in case you aren't satisfied. You can find the Cellulite Defense on Amazon but, so far, the only product on the Body Merry site itself is their Age Defense Eye Cream. I like that they ensure the testing and quality of their products. It's my opinion that most people don't use a product long enough to see promised results. In this case, there's no excuse because Body Merry will let you keep the remains of your product.

By the way, when I checked, I saw a lot of very positive reviews for the product. As for myself, I will be letting you know what my results are in a few weeks. Hang tight!


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