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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

**REVIEW** Aunt Jackie's Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-In Conditioner

If there is a really good hair moisturizer out there, I haven't found it yet. And I have tried several. This is the latest:
That's Aunt Jackie's Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-In Conditioner. Let me break that label down in light of my personal experience -

Moisture - Well, it's wet, so I suppose that's where that came from. It's wet in the bottle and still wet when I apply it. Wet = Moisture. Until it doesn't.

Intensive- I'm kind of mad that that word is even in the label next to "moisture". I am intensively upset with that.

Leave-In - That's true. You can leave it in. I could also leave talcum powder or dry rice in my hair. Same effect.

Conditioner- I dunno. Between this one and Miss Jessie's, I'd have to say that M.J's at least left my hair feeling conditioned once I washed it out. This one just washed out.

I think that my hair actually made the sound "quench" once this stuff dried...

I mentioned to someone that I will probably never stop looking for a moisturizer that actually works, but I have now actually put together a list of requirements:
  • Must actually leave my hair feeling moisturized once the product has dried.
  • Must not require that I take out small personal loans in order to purchase the product.
  • Absolutely cannot leave my hair feeling as if it's been shellacked so that it can double as a combat helmet.
  • It would be helpful if the product worked at least 1/2 as well as described.
Maybe the next product will be one by "Mama Sue" or "Sister Betty" but, hopefully, whoever produces it will be selling something that really works instead of just having a folksy name and nice backstory.

By the way, I'm irritated by the rave reviews I read about Jackie's on Amazon. I really wish that more people would be clear and honest when they do those reviews. Or that (for hair products) they are grouped by hair type. Or something.  I'm not saying that most reviewers don't play the honesty game, but I sometimes wonder if some reviews are written by people with some kind of agenda. (Or just really good hair.) I get products for free to review, yet I will tell the good, bad and ugly, no matter what. After all, that is the purpose of reviews, right?


You know what? Maybe I  should come up with a homemade formula under my Cosmetic Kitchenista line. Hmmm...  I could call it "Your Play Cousin's Remedy That Actually Works".


Seriously, about this Aunt Jackie's Quench (or, as I call it "Crunch"), it wasn't as bad as Miss Jessie's. Matter of fact, when I applied to to my towel-dried hair, it felt so good that I had high hopes. Then my hair dried and I was left with that slightly crunchy-not-soft result.

I wasn't ready to give up on good old Aunt Jackie yet. Since applying the product straight didn't work out, I decided to mix some in a spray bottle with a bit of water. Water = moisture. Result: Fail.

Still not ready to disown Jackie, I added a couple of drops of argan oil to the spray bottle. Result: slightly better - not because of Jackie but because of Argan.

I finally did give up on Jackie. Here's the thing, I am so disgusted that I'm not even bothering to return the product. I'm going to start a museum of failed product. Jackie's going right to the left just behind Jessie's.

The best thing I can say about Jackie's is that it is at least more affordable that M.J.'s product. It also didn't leave my hair feeling like a helmet, but it sure didn't satisfy my hair's thirst.

As a last word, I have to say that I am starting to get a complex about my hair. Maybe my naps are just so dry that I will need to walk around with a spray bottle of water? Or - and this is what is keeping me from total disappointment with products - I can just keep stocked up on this product (available at a local big box retailer):
                   Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, 8 fl oz
I love other Aussie products (I've used the shampoo and 3-Minute Miracle), but had never noticed this one. When I saw it (and its price) at the local Walmart, I whipped out my phone and did a quick search of reviews.  (Then DJ accidentally knocked my phone out of my hand, so... )

Whatever. I went ahead and snagged a bottle of the Aussie Hair Insurance anyway. (Because, I can always return it easily). It was under $4.00 and I won't have a hard time restocking if I like it.

Verdict: This black and nappy sista just disowned the Jackie's and Jessie's to adopt my new favorite cousins from Down Under.



  1. Why not try Murray's - It works well for me

  2. I have never heard of Murray's, but I will look it up & see what's what.

  3. I love The quench of Aunt jackie! It works really good on my hair. I found my leave in conditioner and dont need to search any further. What doesnt works for you, doesnt mean that it wil not work for sombody elses hair. Beside of that to my opinion, before you give a review you have to try the product on wet, dry, twist or braids out. after that you can say if it works or not. Have a nice day and keep up the good work.

    1. Absolutely, you're right that what works for one person might not work for another. I'm really glad that this one works well for you. When I write a review, I can only attest to what worked (or didn't) for me. You should do a review explaining how well this did work on your hair. I have finally (finally!) found a Shea Moisture product that I like for my hair and will be do a review on that one very soon. Thanks for visiting. Peace.

    2. I agree so much with the writer's comments about paying out the nose for products that don't work. Not only were you honest in your review but your comments were spot on! I am NOT going to purchase anymore expensive hair products designed specifically for black women. These companies realize that black women will pay handsomely for hair products and I agree, these products with the folksy names a backstory are the MOST expensive and you will pay in upwards of 20.00 - 30.00, really? I am so over paying for products that don't work as advertised. I used to pay 14.00 for a Keratin conditioner that does work very well but it is so small I have to purchase it every 2 weeks. Enough is enough! I started looking outside of the "Ethnic" row of products and purchased a $3.00 keratin conditioner from Suave professionals and it did the trick just like that $14.00 conditioner. I am also going back to making my own flax seed hair gel with a $3.00 bag of flax seed and olive oil. I am free as well, no more product junkie!

      I have also used Aussie conditioners and loved the moisture as well. I suggest to all black women to look outside of the Ethnic hair products section, you might be presently surprised:)

  4. I accidentally deleted a comment submitted by Anonymous when I was moderating the blog from my email. Here is the deleted copied/pasted comment along with my apologies to the user:

    "I have used Aussie for years..with great results.. even though I have been scolded by professionals lol.. I have random people off the street trying to touch my hair YUK!
    I Got a sample of Aunt Jackies .. I do like the results not crunchy. Feels almost waxy for a good 8 hrs. . After that.. waxy goes away and it feels and looks great the next day is perfect. . Movable shiny no frizz..
    Love your reviews. . Keep them coming"

    1. In response to the (accidentally deleted) comment from Anonymous, I want to say that I will be checking out the tip about using Aunt Jackie and waiting to see if it feels better. Love the idea that I might be able to use the bottle that I have left over!

  5. Do you use any moisturizing or styling product after the AJQ?

  6. I had to. The AJQ was too drying for my hair. What I have done lately to keep from wasting the bottle is to add some StaSofFro cream moisturizer into the AJQ. I add a ratio of about 2.5 parts SSF to 1 part of AJQ.