Tuesday, March 10, 2015

**REVIEW** Pura d'or Hair & Body Care

Nice to have a set of products that will treat my hair and skin. This set is from Pura d'or:

A complete care system

 These products are formulated for hair growth/prevention of hair loss. I haven't used it long enough to tell you about that, but I do think that when used regularly, it probably does help. That's because of how each of the products worked for me.
Actual sizes I received

Let's look at each part of the set.

The shampoo works really well for cleansing without drying my natural (kinky/curly) hair. It feels really good during the washing and the only thing I didn't like about it was the smell. There's a very strong, medicinal/herbal smell that reminds me of fresh planting soil. That's the negative part. The positive part is that the smell only applies to the shampoo and doesn't last long.

The conditioner is very pleasantly and  faintly scented. I can't put my finger on the type of scent, but it's more of a fresh smell and not perfume-y. And it is such a great conditioner. It left my hair softer than normal (even after drying and before otherwise treating with moisturizers and follow-up products).

I had 2 of my nieces try out the shampoo and conditioner just so that I could get opinions from ladies with different hair textures. One niece, (who has naturally very healthy hair that she wears straight and unprocessed) liked the conditioner but not the shampoo. She wasn't pleased with the smell, but her main point was that it didn't feel as if it was cleansing her hair as well as her store-brand shampoo. She did love the conditioner - both for the smell and the resulting softness. My other niece (who has more of a caucasian texture of straight/slightly wavy hair) liked both products as much as I did. She did agree with my other niece and I about the smell of the shampoo.

As for the Argan oil, we all loved it on our skin and nails.I happen to like using oils for my cuticles and this worked as well if not better than the actual cuticle oil I have purchased off the shelf It was a bit too heavy for my 2nd niece's hair if she applied any more than the very tiniest amount. My other niece and I love it. Our hair tends to be much drier and the oil absorbed well into it without weighing it down at all. Still, we applied it sparingly.

I like using the oil on my face at night. The weather has suddenly gotten colder an drier in the past several days and my normal moisturizer wasn't enough. This oil absorbs so well that I didn't even need to blot it. I applied a couple dabs from my fingertips to my face concentrating on my eyes and smile lines. For ladies who have dry hairline edges (me!), dab some of the oil on and, instead of rubbing it in, just keep dabbing until you have worked the moisture into the hair and skin.
Only take a couple of dabs

So, yes, this is good stuff. Like I started out saying, I can't swear anything about the hair growth/hair loss prevention, but I can see how that might be the case. I think it's important to use a product for a while (and to use it correctly) before expecting results. I like that these products do work well together, and I love the oil.

Pura d'or offers free shipping for the Continental U.S. and, for first-time customers, a 20% discount on products. The products are made with all natural ingredients, are animal cruelty free and USDA biobased certified. There is a "100-day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee" (with a request to complete a short survey for improvement of the products and services).


DISCLOSURE: I received my Pura d'ora products( via a BrandBacker campaign) in exchange for a fair and honest review for my blog readers.