Monday, March 23, 2015

**App REVIEW** Got Questions?

During church the last few Sundays, I noticed how many people use their Bible apps on tablets and phones instead of traditional Bibles. I am one of the app people. I always come home and make notes in my traditional Bible, but my phone is so much easier to use during church services.

This past Sunday, after a really detailed study of the part of the Book of Daniel that relates to the 70 weeks of the end times, I added some topics to my Flipboard app. "Apologetics" is one of my favorite topics and, through an article on Flipboard, I learned about the Got Questions? app.

Got Questions is one of those sites I generally refer to when I, well, have questions. I was surprised that I had never heard of their Android app before now. I was even more surprised to see how good the app is. I never thought that an app could live up to the best of the site, but it does. Because my phone is with me more than my laptop is, I actually prefer the app for regular use.

After downloading, I was given a choice of updating the content (of questions) and this update feature is on the menu for refreshing as needed. The app is in a great format of categorized questions with a Search option. Also, users can "Favorite" questions that then show up on a menu for quick re-reads.

Of several reviews I read before downloading, the only negative ones had nothing to do with the design and function of the app (there were a few users who had problems with content and theology). In my experience, the app runs very, very smoothly on the Samsung Note4 (Android version 4.4.4) and quickly. In my opinion, there are no problems with the theology or content I've seen yet, and I have sense enough to check every and anything to do with that against the Bible.

BEST part? Got Questions is FREE and the app is also available via iTunes and Windows 

My top use for this app - other than my own study purposes and general curiosity - is to find a starting point for discussions among my friends and family when certain topics come up. When I just want to read up on something, I can check the Random Article feature. Even for someone not of faith, this would be a good app to have for getting a general handle on questions about what Christians believe.

Great app, great resource, and just handy, handy, handy.

If you know of similar (and good) apps, feel free to share with me.