Monday, April 15, 2019

Back to Basics

Backing away from the blog yesterday to re-think it was good for me. I have decided to get back to basics. When I started blogging it was a way to express myself in free form and free fall. I miss that. No editing my writing or thoughts. No worrying about what a reader might think of me. I loved just getting the words down and out there into the world. I have really missed that so much.

Another thing I have missed is working on the books I started. I haven't touched them in months. I haven't even really been able to add much to them in longer than that. Last night, I started back working on Love and Madness. I feel my creative flow building again. It feels really good.

One of the difficulties I have is dealing with my cognitive issues - brain fog, thought interruptions, and a sort of ADD-like restlessness. I'm practicing some things suggested to me by other sarc patients. I can't solve the problems with my brain but I can work around them. Controlling the anxiety is easier by reminding myself to breathe properly and not to be so self-critical.

I'm going to do this. I will finish this book. I might drive myself a little crazier in the process but that's okay. Sanity is so overrated.

In the meantime, I will keep blogging. Love and Madness will really be an extension of this blog - just better edited.


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