Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Best Hair Moisturizer

It's been a very not-fun week over here. For the last several days, I was dealing with excruciating pain from the right side of my head down to my throat. Turns out I might have something called TMJ. I hate when pain is associated with something that causes more pain when I try pronouncing it.

Anyway, the OTC pain meds are working and, until I can get in to see a dentist, I'm just moving along.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my hair has been acting quite the fool lately. It's so dry that it's been hard to keep it looking halfway decent. These tresses have been thirsty. I found and have been using some decent products, but either the results didn't last or they came with unwanted features - like flaking or heavy buildup. I was going through every oil in my arsenal when I ran across one that I had almost forgotten about:

Oh, mercy! This stuff is ah-mazing...  I rubbed just a few drops in my hands and rubbed them over my hair that was already styled with a twist-out. I got immediate softening and some shine and a whole lot of relief from that "crunch" feeling. I don't want to exaggerate but I think I heard my hair sigh.

When I was using the pumpkin oil before, it was mostly for my face. Sometimes, I would use it on my elbows or my knees if they got drier than normal. I loved it for my face and always remember how good the residue made my hands feel. I have no idea why I wasn't using it on my hair. Maybe it's because my hair didn't dry out as much in Alaska. My whole body is still getting used to the Iowa climate.

I wanted to blog about this because I don't know if other afro-naturals are using this particular oil on their hair. Maybe like me, they hadn't heard much about it?

The other thing I've been doing with the oil is doctoring my other hair products. I have at least 2 products on the shelf that haven't lived up to their moisturizing claims even though they are great at giving me some curl definition. I have added a few drops of the pumpkin seed oil to the cream I've been using to do my twists at night. Big difference. I'm shedding less and getting a bit more shine - or at least relief from the dull and faded look that dry hair gives off.

If you use this on the skin, once the oil is fully rubbed in and fully absorbed (takes about 10 seconds), it leaves a really nice "powdery" kind of softness without being greasy. On the hair, it makes the strands feel nourished and sort of healed, if that makes sense. I haven't done so yet, but I plan to do a scalp massage with it before I do my next twist-up for the night.

Now, branding can make a difference in quality with oils. I have put another brand on the list to try later and will compare the two when I've tried that other one. For now, this brand is awesome and my bottle is almost exactly at the shelf life limit of 1 year.

Speaking of hair products (and reviews), I have a personal "angel" sponsor who is purchasing for me some of the products that I want to review but can't afford. I can't wait to do my next review (it's not to do with the hair - or is it???) and have at least 3 products lined up for the next week or so - including one I use along with the pumpkin seed oil. Also, I have some products coming from a new service I found. My sponsor doesn't have endless pockets, so I am spacing products out as I decide which to review.

I'll be back in a day or so with the next review and I think it's going to be a good one. I've been looking forward to trying the product for a long, long time. So excited. Until then...