Wednesday, April 25, 2018

**REVIEW** Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian Oil (I love the name) is also known as Crambe oil.  Crambe abyssinica is an annual oilseed crop of the family Brassicaceae.We're not going too deep down the road of boring, but I just wanted to give you the names so you could do your own research later. Basically, you may hear Abyssinian oil called Crambe seed oil or Abyssinian mustard. Now you know that.

This is the oil I am using.

 I got this from Amazon but my angel sponsor and I have started to look more at Piping Rock for products, especially oils. Products are cheaper and, so far, I've not had a bad experience in quality or service. By the way, I have written a review of Piping Rock and will publish it soon...

Another quick note about the oil is that it's native to Abyssinia (formerly Ethiopia), but can also be found across other parts Europe and the United States. Eastern Africa is where it originated.

I had heard so much about this oil in the past few years, but when I was looking for something to add shine to my hair, the name popped up again. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I can tell you some of the benefits I read about and some of the benefits I've personally experienced.

  • Adds a good non-greasy shine to my hair without inhibiting the styling and curls. 
  • Makes my hair feel good. Even with my super-curly style, the strands feel smoother. The oil worked better for me after I had deep-conditioned my hair.
  • I noticed a lot less breakage after the first few days. I still lose hair when detangling and styling but nowhere near as much as before using the oil.
  • My hair is becoming less dry the more I use the oil to style it. I usually need to reapply a lot of my hair moisturizers every day; since starting with the oil, I can go 2 and sometimes 3 days before I get a lot of drying. I'm trying not to let it go that far, but when I do, the oil is helping.
  • Makes my styling easier and longer lasting. I use some water first, then the oil, before I flat-twist or Bantu knot my hair a for overnight. The curls are lasting longer. I think this is due to better moisture retention.
  • This stuff seems like it's great for all hair types, from 1A to 4C. Someone I know has 2A hair and I have told her about this. She currently uses a very popular (and expensive) "silk" oil treatment. The Abyssinian oil seems as if it could totally replace that other stuff with all the many ingredients. I'm suggesting the same for my niece, Gabby, who has her mother's type of 2C hair but always wants more shine and split end protection.
  • I can use it on my skin as well as on my hair. I don't use it on areas affected by psoriasis, but I like using it on my face and neck.
  • The oil is one of the most absorbent I've used on my skin. I like to dampen my face and neck, then apply the oil. Afterward, I don't need to use anything else. I will add sunscreen if I'm going to be outside.
  • Some people recommend using it on the cuticles. I have not tried this yet, but the next time I give myself a manicure, it's on the list.
  • Another way I plan to use the oil is by adding it to my conditioners. Apparently, the oil is high in erucic acid (which gives products a lot of "slip"). It's also said to mimic the effects of silicone. That's great in a natural oil.
Abyssinian oil has been compared to Argan oil but I find that I like the texture of the Abyssinian for my hair while Argam is thicker and, IMO, better for problem skin areas. Also, I think that this could be used by folks with 1A and other straighter hair types as a leave-in and shining treatment where Argan can weigh down some of those hair types. I also don't want to forget to mention that Abyssinian oil is touted to have a long shelf life - as long as up to a year after being opened.

So, yeah, this is a nice oil to have in your arsenal. If you go over to Amazon and price several brands of the oil, then check prices at Piping Rock, I think that you will do what I did and go with P.R. I can't wait to publish the review I've written about that site. 

After I post this, I will be doing a light trimming of the ends of my hair, then treating them with Abyssinian and Pumpkin oils. If I'm really good, I will actually tie on my silk scarf before I hit the pillows!


P.S.: I have learned that Broccoli Seed oil is another hair oil with lots of benefits. If anyone has tried that oil, let me know about it.