Thursday, April 26, 2018

Daily Carrier & Essential Oils Routine

Someone on a social network asked me if I actually use all the oils I talk about on the blog (and I talk about them a lot). Answer: Yes. Well, most of them.

I try to review a lot of oils, then if something works, I keep that in the arsenal. Sometimes, an oil that doesn't work for me I can give to a friend. If an oil doesn't work well as is, it might be good for mixing into another oil or one of my other products. When I got my first bottle of Tea Tree oil, I liked it but only used it for cleaning and disinfecting stuff. Once I got into the Manuka oil, I realized that I could use the Tea Tree with it on my psoriasis. Manuka oil tends to be pricey so I will "stretch" it by adding Tea Tree.

Because I wanted to show what I use and how I took so photos just now. Looking at all of them set out like this instead of separated into the different cabinets, I can see why that person wondered about my usage. There are a lot of oils, but they all have a different role in my regimen.

Here's what I use a lot of the time for either my skin or hair (I keep these in the pantry or the fridge):

These are the ones that I keep somewhere near me all the time because I use them so much for my hair and skin:

Then there are the other favorites that I use all the time in the diffuser:

So, yes, I do use a lot of oils and I use them every day. I didn't even snap photos of the honey and coconut and olive oils from the kitchen, but I use those as edibles and as topicals. Where most people use a lot of brand name products for their hair and skin and other care routines, I use oils. I clean my face with oils, I use oils over lotions for body moisturizing; I use oils on my hair and for my cleaning around the house. I even use a couple of the oils for getting rid of pests and insects. And I didn't even take a photo of the Neem oil that I sometimes wipe along my open windowsills to keep out the spiders and other icky-crawlies. As well as ingesting it, I use the honey on my face and hair (and to stop cold sores). I will put the coconut oil in coffee and tea and food, of course. The olive oil is something I use to cook with, to clean the leaves of my plants, and, sometimes, to moisturize my hair and body.

When I do use brand name shampoos, lotions, and hair products, I often end up adding one or more of the oils to them.

Recently, I started back using bar soap, but only because I found a wonderful brand of soap is oil-based. One of my neighbors noticed all the oils in my bathroom and I had to laugh when I explained what I used a lot of them for. I did tell her that I remember hearing someone say that if you can't eat something, you shouldn't put it on your skin. Well, my oils are not all safe to eat, but I can look up where they came from without needing a degree in chemistry.

If any of you use other oils and natural things, do let me know about.