Sunday, April 28, 2019

Complicated Complications

Ever since I tripped and almost fell the other day, I've been self-reflecting and trying to think of ways I can be a better person. There's nothing like a little red-faced shame to make you self-evaluate...

Some people make resolutions at the start of a new year. I make all my lofty promises to myself with every twentieth beat of my heart. I really fight against believing in astrology, but I am the poster child for the Cancerian. Still, I never give up making these little self-improvement promises.

One of my continuous goals is to be more social. Ugh. That one is tough.

Yesterday one of my nieces Facebooked me about an app called Sweatcoin. Apparently, this app lets you accumulate some form of currency based on your step count. Sounds pretty good, right? I mean, most of us are already being tracked by the apps on our phones, so...

When I heard about the app, I asked my niece if it was something that also worked with a stationary bike. Answer: Nope. You have to go outside. My niece knows my personality and got my half-joking response which was basically to cringe at going out and being around people. Half-joking because I really do sometimes feel allergic to society.

I live just a short walk away from one of the most beautiful lakes ever. The air here is clean and fresh and, on most summer days, the weather is almost cinematically gorgeous. I love strolling down to the waterside and sitting in the park, but I have to almost meditate myself into the mood for doing so. The good summer weather brings a lot of people to our tiny town. I don't really have a problem with the people (most are really friendly and laid back), but I do have a problem with feeling surrounded. I know, I know. Some of you might think of me as weird. I prefer to think of myself as batshit complicated.

As much as I loathe crowds, I love my circle of friends. It's teeny-tiny and it's gotten so much teeny-tinier in the past 10 years. Thank you Death. Thank you very much.

My other goal is to really pay attention to all my phobias and figure out why they exist. I have a list of crap that scares me or makes me cringe. Like with most things in my life, I've discussed my phobias here again and again and again and many other agains.

The phobia I have to deal with most often is my fear of flying. Now that I live here in the Lower 48 where friends and family live much closer I'm getting better about plane rides. When I was up in Alaska, the only place I felt sorta-kinds-maybe not as nutty about getting on a plane was for trips to Seattle. And, to be clear, it's not really flying that bothers me. Once we get up and gong, I'm a pretty decent seat neighbor. The part that puts my heart in my throat is the taking-off and landing deal. Someone once explained that taking off and landing is when a plane is more likely to crash. I don't even care if that is true or not. The thought has been planted and it has grown a seed of panic that blooms every time I am on an airplane.

Some of my other "weirdities" don't count as phobias, but they still clutter the craziness of my life. There's my whole thing of not being able to sleep in a closed room while I also don't like having the door open. Okay. This one really is a nutty thing. I always sleep with the bedroom door closed, but I need to either have a window at least partially opened or fans going. Doesn't matter how cold it is. And I almost always have a fan going while I sleep. I swear, I damn near froze to death one winter night when I passed out drunk and naked half on and half off the bed. One of the reasons I don't drink often is because I don't drink well.

Most times, the open-door-fan-on thing is not dangerous to my health. That's because I also like to sleep under a heavy blanket. In the summer warmth, I run both a ceiling fan and a floor fan that is right next to my bed so that it can blow into my face.

I do realize that my phobias make my life more difficult than it needs to be but that doesn't change anything for me. This is who I am. I really am trying to be better but... Here's the thing: if I change, then I'm not my wacky, silly, lovable self? So I have to decide to be better without being too much of anything but me.


**REVIEW** Voopoo Finic 20

STOP: this post is ONLY for those of legal age for nicotine use.
See the guide for state-by-state regulations

state-by-state regulations

I'm breaking my "no reviews" deal for a moment because I actually won the Finic 20 via Reddit. Winning the Finic was great because I have sworn off buying or accepting any more devices to review for a while. So, yay me (and the other winner).

Before I even get this post started, let me admit something that will make you laugh, shake your head, or just feel bad for me. I did not know that the AIO on vape descriptions stood for "all in one". Just had no clue. The first time I saw it on the side of a box, I thought AIO  was part of the name of the device. You know, like PockeX AIO. Cool sounding is what I thought.

And now a little preamble (or pre-ramble in my case). I want to mention that I wasn't sure if I was entering a giveaway or applying to be a tester. This was the lure shown on the Reddit post:

The Finic series from Voopoo

Well, I love my Voopoo Caliber so how could I resist getting another Voopoo product? As far as why I chose the Finic 20, it was all about the looks. The 16 looks a little too blah and I wasn't digging that Fish pod in the least. But that 20 - just look at it. Even if this were the worst performing device ever, it would get high marks for the color designs.

(l to r)
Siren, Electric Shock, Toxic, Black, Silver, Rainbow

Usually, I will choose something in Rainbow or Red but I didn't actually get a choice (or at least I don't remember making a choice) and was really, really happy that I got the pretty "Toxic" design. When I chatted with the other winner, they said they chose Green so maybe they got the Siren wrap? ~shrug~

Other than the beautiful wrap colors, the Finic 20 looks like the offspring of two of my other devices. It has the body of the Aspire PockeX and the drip tip design of Innokin Endura. I like it.

(l t0 r)
Endura, PockeX, Finic 20

I appreciated that this came with 2 coils and extra tank glass. As for the coils, I stole this info from somewhere:
the YC-R1 0.6ohm coil for Direct-to-Lung vaping. Meanwhile the YC-R2 1.2ohm coils is optimized for a perfect mouth-to-lung vaping experience
Yeah. So thanks to the source and sorry I didn't keep notes to credit them...

The pen, extra glass and seal, charging cord, 2 coils hidden under the cord
 I was able to vape MTL and DTL with the 1.2ohm coil. So far I have had no problems using 65/35 eliquid but try to stick with 50/50. I get nice cloud production but the flavor is a little muted unless I am using something really strong (like a sour flavor or something with a hint of menthol). I really do like this though. It's the first day but I am preferring it over the Endura because the airflow is a little more consistent,

This device is the newest of the Finic line and I've only seen it at a few online vendor sites. The price hovers somewhere around $25.00 - worth it from what I can tell from using it today.

That's the deal and that's is also the last review unless something pops up from one of my regular vendor contacts.