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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Very Sad

I got this in an email & at first, I wanted to laugh (there were a lot of humorous comments in the email), but then I started to feel so bad for whoever lived in this house. You can tell that it was a really cute apartment & that there was some nice stuff in it at some point. You have got to ask yourself what was the mental state of someone who could live like this. And why in the hell did no one get them some help - counseling, prayer, cleaning crew... something??? I mean, this is beyond filth. This is so ridiculous that there has to be a reason. I'm just speechless, and I pray that there were no children living in this environment. What the hell is going on in people's lives that they let things get to this point? (A big part of me is hoping that this will not check out on

I have to warn you that some of the pics are pretty gruesome. Also, in the email, it says that these pics were taken of a house in Houston after the evacuation for a hurricane - but BEFORE the actual storm hit. So, no, the storm is not the cause & that's obvious. And the cigarette debris... damn! I hope whoever lived there was able to get some serious help.

OK, here are the pics. Don't say I didn't warn you...

WARNING: The next pics are the super gross ones...

Doesn't that look like a kid's bed?

The more I think about this, I have to wonder if it's for real. I mean, I don't want to believe this of anyone.

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