Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Those Housewives

I'm a little depressed today. Too many problems, not enough energy to find solutions, life wearing me down, feeling overwhelmed. Yeah, all that.

Anyway, after I finished cleaning and getting something out to do for dinner tonight, I didn't even have energy to cry. Instead, I chose watching Real Housewives of New York City. I've said it before, but I will go ahead and say it again: what's 'real' about these people? It's not like the represent a great majority of housewives
OR people. What the people on the show need are some real problems. They get upset about things that just make no sense at all. Of course, they all had something to feel self-righteous and upset about...

**Bethany - who I am starting to like - has problems with Kelly.
I have problems with Kelly. (Read her bio on the Bravo site: she has some ridiculous-sounding books out, but she does donate part of the proceeds to New York's starving children - KIDDING! The donations go to Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Because, well, they need it more.) Kelly seems like an idiot with a Madonna complex. Or, at least that's what Bethany thought. LOL.

Anyway, Bethany has problems with the way Kelly sits so high on her horse while pretending to be so giving and helpful to others. Bethany, being Bethany, does not grin in someone's face while stabbing them in the back; if she so much as pokes at someone, she does it while looking them
right in the eye. (See why I like her so much?) Kelly, apparently, would rather be lied to if that's the only way she's going to hear what a wonderful and celebrity-like personality she is. She takes herself way too seriously and decides to confront Bethany by asking to meet with her. Showing up late to the meeting she arranged, she then gets all diva-ish and Dr. Phil-ish with Bethany. Bad idea. Instead of being intimidated, Bethany very calmly got Miss Thang told and told good. Game over. Bethany wins. (I know Bethany won that one because Kelly is the one who stank of flop sweat the rest of the show whenever she talked about how the "confrontation" went.)

**Meanwhile, Jill was upset with Ramona's husband. Something to do with a tennis match being planned & she didn't like the way his emails to her sounded. I guess he was trying to include her without letting her take over and run things. Doesn't matter to her that he is a former tennis pro and the one organizing the match. When they confront each other at a party, he gets on her about wanting to take her toys and go home when things don't go her way. He said that her 15 minutes of fame (through the show, I guess?) has gone to her head. He also accused her of not having a 'real' job, saying that she spends her time dining, shopping and vacationing. What I thought was hilarious (and kind of sad) was that her husband stood by without coming to her defense at all. Matter of fact, after the little tiff was all over and Ramona's husband had gone on to other parts of the party, Jill's husband needed her to reassure him that he wasn't a wimp for not defending her. He said some b.s. about how he's never interfered before... (I guess Jill gets into lots of angry confrontations with people and has shown she can hold her own.) She'll be all right, though; she's got her condo renovations to make her feel useful and busy.

**Alex and her man are just
weird. There's no other way I know of to describe those two. She's strange in a former-cult-member-seeking-a-new-home sort of way and he's stranger than that. Worse about him than being strange is that he is always so intense. Scary.

**The "Countess" is just... well, I think she's just so damn happy to have a title. She loves explaining her title and the do's and don't's of having one. Brother! Just everyone please kiss her ring or her ass and then maybe she'll sit down and shut up.

So, yeah. This was my self-inflicted punishment this morning. I watched these crazy bitches and then felt somewhat better about my own messed up life. I mean, damn, I have problems, but they are
real problems. I have the kind of problems more people can relate to: bills, depression, health... I just don't think there are thousands of people being kept awake at night thinking about someone calling them "Duchess" instead of "Countess." Or who the hell do you who's going to be upset because they get to shop and vacation way more than they have to work a job? I think Melinda Gates works harder than Jill does.

Real housewives my ass. If those people were any kind of "real," they'd have at least some humility. That is their flaw, I think: no humility, no honest compassion for others. It's like they are totally hard and cold and calculating. Everything must be about them. Any good thing they do is done for a selfish reason. Any friend they make is made for self-gain or glory. And when they are being hard and cold, well, that's what survivors do, right?

Enough. I'm being bad now. I'm trying to make myself feel better by beating up on those people. Not that they care, because they are still going to collect a check.