Tuesday, April 28, 2009

REMINDER: Unite for World Hunger & Hope

Please go back and take a look at this post I did.

I realize that we all do a lot of talking about charity. We talk about feeling bad for the poor and sick and hungry. We talk about what we would do, "if only." We talk about how "there but for the grace of God..."

We see the billboards, ads on TV and in magazines. We look at the nice little logos bloggers have on their sites. We see, but don't see. We talk, but we don't do anything. We feel, but we don't put those feelings into actions.

I really hope that even one person today will DO something. While you talk about hunger, while you see the ads and news, while you feel so bad for those who are not eating as well as you do - take a moment to donate some money or food or time. Empty out your coin purses and change jars. Have your kids go around the house and collect loose change. Everyone take a look through your cabinets and cupboards. Is there anything to spare?

And while we are thinking about so many people who are hungry today, ask yourself how you would feel if it was YOUR child or parent or sister or brother who was missing meals. If you knew that someone you loved was going hungry, how would you feel about all the other people who TALK about the situation without every DOING anything about it.

So while we all go about our merry life, blogging and "social networking," taking meetings, getting together for lunch, or making a run out for a mocha or latte or breve, will it hurt us to take 10 minutes out of our day to find some food to donate or some change to put into a collection? Is it really so much to actually do some small or big or ANY thing?

Do me a favor. Take just this one moment and shut your eyes and think of what is in your refrigerator or cupboards that is not absolutely an essential thing to eat. What's there just because - just because you wanted to treat yourself, just because it's your favorite, just because you felt like splurging. What's there that you could live without? What's there that a hungry child or elder or homeless person would trade for just the most basic meal?

Now open your eyes. Open your heart. Do something.