Wednesday, July 11, 2018

**REVIEW** Piping Rock Lotus Flower & Baby Powder Fragrance Oils

The very first fragrance oil I got from Piping Rock was a HUGE disappointment. It took a while before I would even give their fragrance oils another try. And I waited until I found some of the cheaper ones. This time, I went for these

All of them smell wonderful, but the two I have been using the most are the Lotus Flower and Baby Powder oils to scent myself and the apartment. I also got this glass spray bottle.

And, by the way, I just want to comment once again on how carefully P.R. packs items for shipping.

I mixed some of my Vitamin E oil in the glass spray bottle with the Lotus Flower (about 6 drops) and Baby Powder (just over 2 droplets) and have been rubbing it on my neck and arms. For the apartment, I'm using my wonderful Flairosol sprayer (that I was going to do a giveaway for...).

That bottle emits the finest and longest mist of oil and water that it seems made for the job. I mixed into the water several drops of the Lotus and only one of the Baby Powder. What an amazing (and chemical-free) air spray! I can even spray my hair with it before finger-styling. I've gotten compliments from my friends and neighbors who ask what I'm wearing. Piping Rock is going to have to pay me some royalties! Just kidding, but I have told everyone where I got the oils from.

Let me finish by mentioning that I have put some of the Brown Sugar oil in a couple of my hair products. I have two curl creams that are bland smelling.

I can now say that Piping Rock redeemed itself after that debacle with the Tonka Oil. I am still looking for a good source for that. By the way, each of the items was under $2.50 each.