Monday, January 26, 2009

Just So Sad

I wasn't going  to blog today, but this just made me so sad.

  • How is it that no one was checking up on a 93 year old man? How lonely he must have been to have no one close enough to care at least that much.
  • How is it that an electric company can turn off (oh, excuse me - "limit") power IN THE WINTER, in a place known for cold temps. How can they do that without more of a process to ensure things like this don't happen?
  • How is it that (if & when the employee went out to attach the "limiter" device to the home) that employee didn't check on the old guy? Maybe if he'd done a courtesy chat, he'd have realized the guy's age and factored that into the decision for limiting power (or passed the info on to someone in charge).
  • How is it that we have come to this kind of tragedy?
  • Will it even make a difference? Will people who have elderly neighbors now check on them more often? Or offer assistance? Share some time and a meal with the old people? Or maybe refer helping agencies, churches or other caring individuals to that person who may be in need?
Lord, Jesus, when is the misery going to end? I guess it has ended for one elderly person, but how sad that life ended that way for someone who must have survived so much else. This old guy made it past 90 years. Now he can't share anything of what he learned with anyone else. Now he can't pass along wisdom and knowledge or just observations about life. Now he can't remind anyone of a time (if there ever was one) when his tragedy just would not have been allowed.

This is the United States of America. We are human beings.

I'm just so sad right now.


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