Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I can't believe it's been 8 years since you went Home. I still miss you so much everyday.

You've got new great-grandchildren - and another one on the way! Amanda got married and had the cutest kid ever (she's bad as year-old milk, but you would adore her) and has another one due in about 7 months.

Ant's little boy is a stone mess. Just like seeing Ant as a kid all over again. And his big sis is so shy and quiet that I just know you'd be telling her to "quit acting like somebody's going to bite!"

Tierra is about to graduate high school and will be going on to college (kid's got almost a 4.0 gpa!) - and, just think of the time we didn't think she would make it because of her shaky start at birth...

JP and Gab are doing well. They have careers and plans that you would be so proud of. Like all the kids here, they talk about their "Grammy" all the time. They remember the love and the "whippings" and the wisdom.

Gwennie is still so much YOUR Gwennie. Sassy, spunky thing. Because of you, Mom, your grandkids got such a good start in common sense that it will last them a lifetime.

Even the "babies" remember you. The infants you held on your lap... they all talk about their Grammy.

My friend was going through some problems the other day & as I talked to her, I could hear your words coming out of my mouth. She remembers and misses you too. We all do, Mom.

There have been days when I didn't think I was going to make it through & I had to hold on to all the things you taught me about going through trials and tribulations. I had to remember that you didn't have it easy, but that you always made the best out of any situation. I had to remember that you always found a reason to praise God and keep on keeping on.

So, we're all hanging in there. Maybe not all living the way you'd like, but we are still here. Somehow, no matter how often or how badly we mess up, things that you taught us bring us back. I am always so thankful to be a person who can say, "My Mama raised me right!" :-)

We just all miss you & love you so much. Happy birthday, Mom.