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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Friends

  • I talk with them using my 'real' voice and not that one I use for answering the phone and talking to strangers.
  • They talk to me the same way.
  • We laugh about our other voices.
  • Laughed with them and didn't worry what I looked like while I was laughing.
  • Let the them see see me looking like hell, when I had a good reason for looking like hell.
  • Let them see me looking like hell, even when I didn't have a good reason.
  • They encouraged me, without hurting my feelings or esteem, not to look like hell unless it was for a good reason.
  • If it was for a good reason, they didn't care what I looked like, they only cared what I was feeling.
  • Exposed my body, my mind and my soul, without thinking about being exposed.
  • Spent time with them - with no music, TV, or noise needed to mask the silence.
  • Cried my eyes out when I was sad.
  • Cursed a rainbow-ed streak when I was mad.
  • They know my family and have met the skeletons.
  • They and my family (and the skeletons) are now family too.
  • I might not hear from them for weeks but, when I do, we are the same friends we've always been and will always be.
  • When we are out together and look at someone, then look at each other, we read each other's minds.
  • Doing that sometimes gets us in trouble.
  • We are used to getting into a little trouble together.
  • Walked away in the middle of their visit when the urge to write hit me.
  • Let them make my home their home.
  • Fell asleep next to them (male or female) in bed after we spent hours talking, or because it was way too late/dark/cold for them to go home, or because they were too tired/drunk/cried out/silly to drive home.
  • If one of us is sick, the other one is going to be there or call or do what we have to do to show we care.
  • I let them use my computer and not worry about them seeing my browser history.
  • I've seen their browser history and we're still friends.
  • Pulled down my pants, lifted my bra or took off my shoe to ask if they knew what the hell that was about.
  • Did a Google Search with them when they had no idea what the hell that was.
  • Laughed like a maniac with them when we finally did figure out what the hell that was.
  • Didn't drop them as a friend for life when they told me why I should never, ever, wear that one pink shade of lipstick again.
  • Didn't even get too mad at them when they told another good friend why they suggested I never wear that damn pink lipstick again.
  • Let them have a copy of that one really embarrassing photo from my childhood - not the embarrassing-but-cute-in-retrospect photo, but the photo that one hundred and ten years from now will still be embarrassing.
  • Being able to act like I am a silly, giggly, ten-year old girl again with them one minute, then being as grown as needed the next.
  • I can call them at anytime - the middle of a busy day, in the dead of night - and they are going to answer my call.
  • They might end up cussing me out if my call wasn't urgent, exciting, raunchy or entertaining, and I interrupted something that was, but they won't hate me. Much. It depends.
  • I'm okay with them cussing me out because of those calls. At some point, I'm going to cuss them out for the same reason.
  • They are still going to answer my future calls. I'm still going to answer theirs.
  • We know that not all family is blood-related.
  • Told them about my fantasies, dreams and goals - even the ones I won't tell anyone else. Ever.
  • They've seen me nappy, happy, crappy, cute, bitchy, petty, feral, contemplating naughtiness, regretting wrongs, and being wholly, totally, truthfully, no-holds-barred me.
  • They know me and still love me.
"Friends come in every shape and color and, most importantly, in every kind of crazy." (me)


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  1. You are awesome and I love you!!!

  2. Loving you back, Sandy! Big hugs, sis.

  3. Love this post, Trudy. pure awesomeness! :)

  4. Yamz! Hey girl. Thanks & I know you know what I mean about real friends, sis :-)