Sunday, February 16, 2014

They Call It 'Motherwit'

This post is for my mother. She had a million bits of simple advice for me, no matter what problem I was having. I miss her and I love sharing the things she taught me.

When you feel sad:
'Sad' passes if you let it; if it doesn't, get help. Remember a time when you were not sad. Realize you won't always be sad. Watch something that makes you laugh so hard your stomach aches. Call up that friend who, you know when come running when you say you are sad. Take a long drive to nowhere in particular while playing great music.

When you feel happy:
Remember when you weren't happy. Think about someone who might not feel happy and do something for them. Say "Thank you" to good people in your life, even if you only say it in your heart. Do some of the things you don't have energy to do when you aren't happy. Stop for a moment and just feel the joy. You won't always feel this way, so cherish it.

When you feel lonely:
Know you aren't alone in feeling lonely. Make 'lonely' work for you. Remember when you didn't feel lonely. Find someone else who feels lonely. Get help, get comfort, get advice. Make changes.

When you feel on top of the world:
Know that feeling won't last. Remember when you didn't feel on top of the world. Think of how you can help someone who has never felt that way. Be good to people. Be humble. Don't be an ass about it.

When you feel beautiful on the outside:
Try to be as beautiful on the inside. Know that you won't always be beautiful on the outside. Know that 'beautiful' means different things to different people. Love everyone as much as you would if you weren't so beautiful. Love yourself as much as you would if you weren't so beautiful. Understand that beauty only matters as much as it matters.

When you feel beautiful on the inside:
Be thankful and hope that all people learn to feel that way.

When you feel ugly on the outside:
Know that being ugly outside doesn't mean you need to be an ugly person. Someone is going to find you beautiful if you find yourself beautiful. Accept yourself. Don't worry about 'ugly' beautiful people. Realize that there's a difference between 'ugly' and 'miserable' - then decide which you want to be.

When you feel ugly inside:
Get help. Make changes. Examine your heart.

When you feel overwhelmed:
First ask yourself why you feel overwhelmed. Start somewhere - anywhere - but don't linger on how you feel. Do one thing, then one more thing, and another. Ask someone for help. Stop and take a moment to just breathe. Back away from it all and come back when you are calmer.

When you feel unloved:
Love someone else. Comfort someone. Know that you just haven't met the person who can love you.Know that God loves you.

When you feel like you can't go on:
Ask yourself if anyone else has ever felt this way (and, in case you didn't know, everyone sometimes feels this way). Know that you must go on.  Know that you are needed by someone in this world - whether you know it or not. Want to wait for that person who needs you. Remember that, like everything - good or bad - this too will pass.

If you lose someone you thought was a friend:
Some friends are friends, some friends are not. Real friends will grow with you as life changes. Life changes, people change. Remember: you only thought they were a friend; now, at least, you know the truth.

When you get your heart broken:
Get his/her heart before you give him/her your body. A broken heart will teach your soul lessons. A real 'lover' is not defined in the bedroom. If you learned anything, it was worth the pain.

When you have life regrets:
A regret is only a regret if it didn't make you a better person. Don't miss doing today by thinking about yesterday. Don't forget, just don't linger.


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