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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Writer's Wishlist

  • Fingers that type as fast as thoughts come into my head.
  • To have my thoughts print right out onto the page.
  • To think my story right into the heads of readers.
  • Not wasting time thinking thoughts like those last three.
  • The ability to read through my work without adding, deleting and re-writing parts.
  • To not have to stop and laugh, cry or meditate on something I've written.
  • For writers to get the same kind of attention that someone does for doing something idiotic or pointless that went "viral" online.
  • Someone to clean my house when I get into a writing mania and just cannot be bothered with  doing earthly things like chores.
  • Money enough to write without worrying about work or whether the bills in my mailbox are white, blue or pink this month.
  • A sponsor.
  • A sponsor with a big bank account and a bigger heart for artists.
  • A sponsor who doesn't think that sleeping with him is part of the deal.
  • A drink.
  • A drink and a cigarette, if I could still smoke.
  • Being able to smoke only when I am in writing mode and being able to not smoke when I'm out of writing mode.
  • A magic mug that refills itself with hot coffee, cream and sugar as I need it.
  • A safe, non-addictive drug like cocaine that would let me write for hours on end without becoming fatigued but that wouldn't cause wars or any other type of crime.
  • God to let me live long enough to finish writing out all the stories I have in stored in my heart and soul.
  • Some way to make all these wishes come true.
  • And, if I can't have these wishes, then I'd settle for all the stuff on my Amazon list.