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***REVIEW*** Tony Little's Gazelle Edge

The other day, my neighbor gave me this:

Tony Little's Gazelle Edge

She's had surgeries for a serious back problem and her doctor has recommended a different type of exercise. Because she knows I've been doing a lot of regular walking and working out, she was kind enough to gift me the machine. (I'm going to look for a nice little "thank you" gift for her.)

I've used the Gazelle Edge regularly for the past 3 days and I'm ready to post this review.


  • Very easy to store (for now, I'm keeping mine propped behind the bedroom door).
  • Easy to move and set up for use. 
  • Can be used for varying speeds and intensity of "walking".
  • Feels stable and sturdy (even when I move faster and with longer strides). I have balance problems on a treadmill at fast speeds, but I'm able to use the Gazelle without holding the handles, which is great for doing a jogging type stride.
  • Good workout for people who need something low-impact.
  • Has a battery-operated tracker for speed, time & distance. (I haven't put in batteries. So far, I'm using my Android Pedometer Pro app.)
  • After just 3 days, I can feel the ache in my legs & arms from a good workout.
  • It's really quiet. (There's some mild squeaking when moving fast, but I'm going to follow directions for oiling the parts.)
  • Can be used in small spaces. (I place mine at the base of my queen-sized bed & still have lots of room to make long strides if I want.)
  • Though I got mine free, the price range I've seen online ($130-$140) seem reasonable for the value.
  • Convenience. I save time driving to and from the gym to use a treadmill; I can get my exercise no matter the weather; and it takes very little motivation to do my exercises while watching TV or listening to music. (I've gotten heavy into podcasts of news & mystery theater type shows while I get my workout.)
  • Because of all the above, it's easy to use this machine on a regular basis.
  • Don't lost your user manual or DVD. I couldn't find a complete manual online. I did find a basic manual, but I've had to resort to YouTube and other places for examples of exercises.
As you can tell, I had to stretch to find that one negative! The one thing I do notice is that, while this is a great workout for my legs and arms, my abs aren't getting as much of a workout. Don't get me wrong, I do feel some of what I call "workout ache" in my abs; I just feel it most in my thighs and calves.

The biggest advantage to having this machine is the convenience. When I was trying to get all my exercise at the gym, I sometimes just couldn't talk myself into making the drive in poor weather. Even on nicer days, I had to consider things like the cost of gasoline for my car, finding time in between other appointments, etc. Now that I have this handy alternative, I find it easy to do a little bit of exercise all during my day. My favorite time to do a little gliding on the Gazelle is first thing in the morning and after meals. The first day I had it, I used it while I was watching a documentary on Netflix. Without even realizing it, I'd been gliding for over an hour.

Do I think that I'm going to suddenly start dropping pounds because I have this machine? Maybe not suddenly, but I know for a fact that even light exercise on a regular basis can make a difference in the way I look and feel. I wasn't going to the gym as regularly as I should have been and I have come a looong way from where I was just a few months ago. I truly do think that I'm going to see a more drastic a change in less time if I keep using the Gazelle every day. I see a benefit to my energy level and sleeping pattern. My recent fatigue is already fading somewhat.

At this point, I can say that having the Gazelle is beneficial for someone who is a too busy (or bit lazy) to get to a gym more than a couple of days a week.



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