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Monday, April 28, 2014

**FILM ALERT** "The Loving Story"

I watched a film recently that caused me to stop and count my blessings about a lot of things.

This might sound familiar: "The Loving Story" is about two people who had to battle the state of Virginia for the right to live together...

...After they were married....

...In 1958 (not 1858, but 1958).

Oh - and because he was white and she was not.

I won't go into all the details of the documentary (there is a website you can check out), but I will say that I needed the reminder of how hard a lot of people had to fight for freedoms the rest of us now take for granted. That we do take some things for granted is sort of a good thing. The bad thing is when we forget why we can now take those things for granted.

I am always bothered when people aren't serious about educating themselves, or voting, or travelling, or working hard. Whenever I think of people who are not being allowed to live fully and healthfully and with all the advantages that most of us take for granted, I get so mad. But, sometimes, I am reminded of my own ignorant waste of blessings - like marriage and freedom.

The story of Richard and Mildred Loving sent me into a little bit of an emotional tailspin. Not just because it used this couple's marriage to showcase real commitment and courage, but also because Richard and Mildred were such a perfect example of what a marriage contract is.

My sister and I agreed that, it's often too easy to "play" with the idea of marriage - and work and education and finances and family. That's the curse having a life that's easier than our forefathers did. When you come by things the hard way, you hold them a little more dear.

I didn't know that, when I married my first husband in the early 80's, that our union would have been illegal in Alabama. Why did I not know that? Knowing how stubborn I am, I would probably have stayed married just for G.P.

Isn't it funny how we need to be reminded of our history in order to appreciate our present?


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