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Monday, April 28, 2014

Active Ignorance

  • When you know just enough about something to be entertained by it without knowing how if might really affect you.
  • Knowing that a person or thing is not good for you and keeping that person or thing in your life.
  • Calling someone else bossy or preachy just so you don't have to think about what they are saying.
  • Chasing the easiest and least important things in life because you're too stubborn, vain, lazy or weak-minded to discover something better.
  • Believing in one side of a "coin" while never realizing there is a flip-side.
  • Following other people just as ignorant and never giving that any serious thought.
  • Thinking yourself so strong or smart or savvy that you never learn anything.
  • Believing in your own invincibility.
  • When you'd rather live in the shadows of a lie because the light of truth hurts your eyes.
  • Living as if you will live forever.
  • Living as if you are already dead.
  • Never wanting to live up to anything that requires anything more of you than you want to give.
  • When you're tough enough to "go hard" at everything but are too weak to stand up for anything.

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