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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Signs of (an Alaska) Summer

There are about 10 ways we Alaskans can tell that summer is finally about to be here:

I can almost smell summer coming. (Hamburgers. Summer smells like hamburgers.)

  1. The fam uncovers the grill and hoses out the coolers.
  2. The 13 coats of dirt on your car start to bother you.
  3. Ladies start putting on their morning makeup in direct sunlight so they don't scare small babies later in the day.
  4. The "break-up" weather has created ponds of water so deep along the sidewalks that I start wishing I knew how to swim. Just in case.
  5. If the break-up "ponds" don't get you, the potholes hidden underneath will.
  6. If the potholes don't get you, the maniac drivers happy to see asphalt will.
  7. People rush the weather by coming outside too soon in shorts and flip-flops.
  8. It's fun to watch someone in flip-flops trying to step over the patches of un-melted snow.
  9. After having complained all winter about the darkness, you now grumble because the sun is up way before you have to be.
  10. You finally start working on losing those pounds you won't be able to continue hiding under your winter clothes.

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