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Monday, April 28, 2014

Waiting to Review Dr. Scholl's...

Sometime in May, I'll be getting the chance to review a product that I need, need need.

The folks over at BzzAgent don't know how glad I am to be picked for their Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts campaign. I have been griping for the past year about my feet. When I gained the prednisone weight, my arches dropped and I started having a lot of discomfort when walking. Even after dropping the pounds (yay!), my feet didn't forgive me.

When I heard from BzzAgent about this campaign, I just about broke my neck getting to Walmart to the "footmapping" kiosk. The computerized kiosk is set up to check my arch type, pressure points and, of course, foot size. It didn't take that long and I had some fun watching the on-screen sensor images. (I'm such a child.)

I plan to use the inserts in my boots and sneakers. Not these Athletic Works sneakers:

Bottom came right off! On both shoes...

Can't even find a website for the brand. I should've looked before buying.
No, no. Those sneakers are going to a research lab for ticked-off consumers. I spent about 22 bucks on those off-brand things at Walmart and, while that's not a lot of money, I expected them to last more than 6 months. I bought them especially for the gym and only ever used them for my 3-days-a-week treadmill walks. (Maybe I shouldn't have washed them?) You know Walmart won't take them back without the receipt, right? From now on, I'll get my shoes from somewhere else. And never again will I buy the Athletic Works brand.

Anyway, I'll be back here in about a month to tell you about the Orthotic inserts. If you've already heard about them, you know they can be pricey, so here's a link to a coupon.


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