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Thursday, March 06, 2014

***LINKS LIST*** For Writers

I haven't done this for a while, but here are a list of resources that might be useful to other writers out there. I scanned various sites for the links, so I can't vouch for every single one. Enjoy.

(Not really my thing. Some can be pricey or a bit gimmicky, but different strokes, right?)

Agents (info and guides)

Self-Publishing Info

Language (Grammar, Aids, Usage, etc.)
Mood/Concentration Helps
Last of all, I'll suggest a book that helped reinforce in me the knowledge that, whether I publish or not, I am a writer. I'm not much on taking advice about writing (other than for style and such), but John Gardner's "On Becoming a Novelist" was the first book on writing given to me as a young woman. Reading that book was a turning point for me. I've got to get another copy. I suggest that any writer buy it or find it in their library to read. Here's an Amazon link to the author's works.

Good luck, good writing, and


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