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Friday, March 14, 2014

Text-to-Speech Options

I don't know how other writers feel about hearing their work read back to them, but my niece hipped me to the idea. She proofs some of my stuff for readability and says that hearing the stories (instead of reading them) keeps her from trying to edit as she reads. Well, that's my problem too.

Not that I did any real research here, but I found these links after struggling with the Microsoft Narrator installed on my PC. (Some of these are links to links...)

I've used Narrator, which isn't as bad as it is just plain unfriendly to a new user. Also, Narrator doesn't  play nice with all documents. I spent more time trying to de-glitch it than I did listening to my stuff. So...

In the voice of Bill Engvall, "Heeeere's your links!"

Not a lot of links, but I'll be scouting for more as I  have time.



  1. Don't forget that Windows has reading capacity as part of the Ease of Use abilities. <3

  2. Hey Sandy! I am going to check it out now. If it's the Narrator function, I'm still learning to tweak that sucker! LOL