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The "I'm Gonna" Shopping List

I'm so fickle sometimes.

As I was writing out my list for my next shopping trip, I found last month's list. And made myself giggle.

This is last month's list (with its notes):

  • Granola (organic, bulk)
  • Grapes (for the hydration and late-night snacks)
  • Berries - raspberry, strawberry, blackberry. (If on sale. For my smoothies. This month is going to be smoothie month.)
  • Prune juice (to make prune pops & to add to smoothies)
  • Cereal (the usual: Honey Bunches, Quaker Squares. When I'm tired of grapes & instead of chocolate.
  • Only one jar of Vanilla Caramel Creamer. (Gotta cut back on the coffee!)
Okay. I pretty much stuck to the shopping list, but what I did with the items is a whole other story.

I made cookies with the granola and ate the whole pound of grapes during a Netflix night marathon of "Nightmare Next Door". (Gave myself a serious case of "bathroom runs" and made a solemn vow to stay away from the prune juice for a week.

I did use the berries for smoothies. Mostly. Then, since I had no grapes left for snacking, I finished off the berries - all of them - in two days.

The creamer lasted all of three and half days. (Did you know that vanilla caramel creamer is yummy in vanilla chai tea?)

I ate cereal a few times, but I was still pretty cleaned out by the grapes and I heard that the cereal might have the same effect. I still have most of both boxes left over.

Besides the laxative effects grapes have on a grape glutton, I learned that it's very easy to justify making a store run for just one chocolate bar to go with the last of the peanut butter in a jar. I also learned that I really don't like organic, plain granola unless it's in a cookie.

This month's list looks like this so far:
  • Grapes (but just half a pound this time)
  • Just two jars of Vanilla Caramel creamer.
  • Apple juice to blend with the prune juice (just in case I get around to making those pops)
  • Two chocolate bars (to save myself the gas money of midnight store runs)
  • Some more of that delicious vanilla chai tea (because I'm still cutting back on coffee!)
  • Some frozen yogurt (to go with the berries I get on sale)

I should just start shopping meal-by-meal. The way I'm going now, I'm just feeding my fickle belly.



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