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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

***REVIEW*** Simple Face Care Starter Kit

This Simple Starter kit was at Walmart for $5.57

Gotta love trial or starter kits!

(Simple Check out Simple here for information, and here for coupons.)

I thought that was a great price for trying out the products (which, full-sized, the lower-priced items run in the $11-$13 range**. The kit includes the following (links will send you to that product's info site):

One reason I wanted to try these three items is that I kind of fell in love with the Simple brand the first time I heard of it. A couple of years ago I did a review of the Simple face scrub I was given to try via a campaign. I'm not a fan of using scrubs - especially on my face - but I was impressed with the pureness of the Simple product: no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants. Nice. I still have some of that scrub (yes, after 2 years!) because, though it's the only facial scrub I use, I only indulge once every other month or so...

What I do love, love, love are facial wipes. It's hard to find good wipes that do a good job of cleaning your face without leaving a film behind. Well, I love the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes! Besides cleaning off all my makeup (even the hard-to-remove eyeliner), the wipe didn't dry out my skin at all. The wipe itself was really soft but strong. Usually, after cleaning my face, I'm running to moisturize before that dry feeling starts setting in. Another plus: to remove my full-face powder, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara (waterproof*), I only needed one wipe because they are nicely sized:

great size
for scale...

Because the wipe left my face so clean, I waited until a few hours later to try the Moisturizing Facial Wash.

Once again, I could tell that this product seems to be free of a lot of harsh stuff. Because my face was makeup-free, I used very little of the wash. Surprise! It takes only a little to wash my whole face. Just like with the wipes, this left my face feeling refreshed and, well, clean, without any dryness.

The moisturizer is the only one of the trio that I wasn't turning flips over. It's okay, but it's just not as moisturizing as I like. It's a good thing that the cleansers don't dry my skin. 

Before you get the wrong idea about the moisturizer, let me point out a couple of things that probably affected that part of my review. For one thing, I am in my fifties so my skin is not as easily moisturized as it used to be. Another thing is that my skin reacts better to serum-type moisturizers, or a combination of serum and cream. L'Oreal makes a very expensive moisturizer that just sits on top of my skin but does nothing for the texture.

Bottom line, Simple Face Care has not disappointed me yet. Other than the pleasant feel of my skin after using the cleansers, I am impressed that the products are free of dyes and irritants.

 As far as a moisturizer goes, the one in this starter kit seems like it would be good for someone with younger skin. I'm going to be looking to find a sample of their Nourishing 24hr Day/Night Cream. That sounds like a better fit for my skin age and type.


* I learned by using one before I read on the box that the wipes will remove even waterproof mascara. Also, I think the included B5 is what helped keep away the post-clean dryness

** I noticed that a full-sized package of the facial wipes were around $5 at Walmart. That's not too bad.

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