Monday, May 19, 2014

***UPDATED REVIEW*** Tomoson

A while back, I did a quickie review a site ( that works well for two groups of people: 1) for bloggers/social networkers who like trying products (for free) and creating social buzz about those products,  and 2) for businesses wanting feedback on and buzz about products.

Now that I have been using Tomoson, I can give you some more info from a blogger p.o.v.:

  • Applying to review a product is super easy. Basically, you browse through the promotions available. You can even do a category view:

lotta choices
  • The more social reach you have - by platform (ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and sometimes based on how strong your reach is (ex: Google blog rank) - the more product choices you have. However, I am happy to say that some promos are open to almost anyone. (I'm still building my Facebook reach, dangit!)
  • The variety of products is fantastic. There are toys and books and even furniture. Yep. 
  • The process from applying, being approved, to receiving the product, has been lightening fast so far. 
  • You get to communicate directly with the supplier via a message system.
  • You get to rate not only the product, but also the business.
  • Your (as a reviewer) are rated. Your ratings are based on your reach, authority and engagement. It's nice to watch your score rise, in a Klout-like way.
  • You can view your status for every promo you've applied for. Also, the messages between you and the businesses are saved. You can sort the messages various ways as you follow-through a promotion.
  • If you're like me and need to organize things to keep information straight, every promotion is tagged with an ID#. You can sort your reviews by application date, title, status, and so on.
  • You will appreciate the sorting system because, once again, if you're like me, you're going to be trying a lot of products.
  • It's fun and easy and more productive than just reading about some new product.
  • You get a "due date" for each review which helps keep you on track.
  • You can be honest!
I have not had any negative experiences with the process so far. Right this moment, of 14 promotions I've applied to, I have been approved for 5 (and pre-approved/accepted for the others), and I've received and started reviewing 2 of them. (You might have seen part one of the 3-part review I'm doing for Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum from Mystelic.)

I just started applying for products on May 5 and I've already got a steady list of reviews to do.

I really can't think of any negatives about this site. Okay, maybe having a a personal calendar for each user would be nice, but... I made my own!

If you are already doing reviews, or like sharing information with your blog readers or social network groups, I think Tomoson's is actually better than other Word of Mouth sites. I still love my BzzAgent and SheSpeaks, but they don't have nearly as many campaigns available. With Tomoson, you are pretty much only limited by yourself.

(I'm going to have to ask one of the businesses how they like Tomoson. If I get information, I'll post, so watch this space!)



  1. Hi,

    This is Jeff from Thanks for the great write up on our website. You suggested a calendar. If we would build that where do you see it displaying for each user? Can you tell me more about how and why you want that so we can consider adding that?

  2. Well, Dan - Once again, I LOVE Tomoson...

    As for a calendar, maybe something on our the page showing users their list of reviews/messages. Also, I wish there was a way to show businesses when a reviewer is available/temporarily unavailable. That last request only came to mind recently. Since I am in process of relocating, I'm scared that I'm going to lose traction with businesses while I am (temporarily) out of the loop :-)

    Like I said, I really can't think of any negatives about my experience so far. Can't wait to get back to trying out more products/services. (Oh - and I am adding you on G+... right now!)

  3. I think this site is great as well.The onlu think i would like to see added is a sort feature when you are looking for a product.For example if you only have 50 followers on Twitter If there was a sort feature you can save time and only pull up prodycts that you can quailify for. Jusr a thought. Thanks for your site!

  4. I'm just wondering how to get rated. I have done six completed reviews so far but no rating yet. I want my rating to go up so I can try for better stuff.

    1. Hi Mary - I wish I could remember when I started seeing my ratings go up, but I know that it took a while. Just keep doing the reviews & make sure to rate the businesses that you work with also. Also, I noticed that it's your "social reach" that affects how many offers you get. The more Facebook friends & other connections you have on your social pages, the more stuff.

  5. I'm not sure how good it is but my face book is around 900 and twitter is about 300. I just started Instagram and my blog so both of those are low.

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