Thursday, March 06, 2014

**UPDATE** Bailey Quarters

This is for "annie". An update of photos of Jan Smithers who played Bailey Quarters on WKRP. Apparently, lots of people love this woman. I hope she knows that. I did this post waaay back in '09 and it still gets hits all the time.

If looks tell a story, I think she must be
a sweetheart. What a natural beauty.
Bailey & Andy,
sitting in a tree...
I wished they had

I was going to search for more recent photos of Ms. Smithers, but when I read that she'd retired from acting, I decided to leave her to her privacy.

The original cast
Come to think of it, since it's the show we all liked, maybe we should leave the characters in our memories as they were.


***LINKS LIST*** For Writers

I haven't done this for a while, but here are a list of resources that might be useful to other writers out there. I scanned various sites for the links, so I can't vouch for every single one. Enjoy.

(Not really my thing. Some can be pricey or a bit gimmicky, but different strokes, right?)

Agents (info and guides)

Self-Publishing Info

Language (Grammar, Aids, Usage, etc.)
Mood/Concentration Helps
Last of all, I'll suggest a book that helped reinforce in me the knowledge that, whether I publish or not, I am a writer. I'm not much on taking advice about writing (other than for style and such), but John Gardner's "On Becoming a Novelist" was the first book on writing given to me as a young woman. Reading that book was a turning point for me. I've got to get another copy. I suggest that any writer buy it or find it in their library to read. Here's an Amazon link to the author's works.

Good luck, good writing, and