Thursday, April 03, 2014

Podcasts for Writers (or nosy people!)

For a person who is so anti-Apple that I hate all things "i", this is hard for me to admit: I signed up for an iTunes account.

~sipping coffee to get the bad taste out of my mouth~

Of course, I could listen to podcasts via any player (or "podcatcher", I guess), but I'm lazy. I use something else on my phone, but I (kind of, sort of, maybe - haven't decided yet) like the iTunes store on my PC. I don't love it, but until I find something else, it will do.

That's not the point here. The point is, I found (via iTunes) some podcasts that are useful for writers. Or for nosy folks. I fit both categories.  You can listen to these podcasts however you are able to. When their is no link provided, just search iTunes. Here ya go:
There are others. I saw some that were geared toward specific genres; some were discussions with established authors. What prompted me to even search any of these out was finding Grammar Girl there.

Of course, now that I am discovering podcasts in general, I like finding fun things to listen to or watch while I am exercising. One note: to sign up without a credit card, I followed the instructions shown here. Thanks to them, my cheap ass is safe. For now.)

Now, about the iTunes Store (and podcasts), my main issue is that it's not easy to move back and forth between searches. So, I am off to check out some other "podcatchers".


P.S.: What is up with Blogger's spellchecker? Isn't the plural of "podcast" "podcasts"??? ~face palm~