Monday, April 07, 2014

Just What I Needed

Woke up to bleak skies and grey weather. Then it had the nerve to snow...  The best thing about this day so far is

Me & this kid, being silly!

Exactly what I needed today: big smiles

Yep. I get to spend time with DJ!!!

How can anyone not feel better looking at that precious boy? We are playing around with the webcam. I wish DJ would actually sit still for a picture. I already have a crappy webcam, but this child is wiggling and giggling so much that I can't get a clear shot!

I'm only posting because for some reason, DJ likes watching me type (???) Little weirdo!


Thoughts on Poverty and Wealth

  • "Poor" is not a dirty word.
  • Not all "poor" people are poor because they deserve to be.
  • Not all poor people are sad.
  • Not all poor people are happy.
  • Being poor does not always mean a lack of ambition or morals or character.
  • A lot of times, being poor means being unwilling to do anything and everything for profit.
  • "Rich" is not a dirty word.
  • Not all rich people have a lack of morals, character or compassion for others.
  • Not all rich people are happy.
  • Not all rich people are sad.
  • Not all poor people are lazy.
  • Not all rich people are hard workers.
  • Lazy is lazy.
  • Hard work is hard work, no matter what the profit.
  • People doing jobs that won't make them rich are needed as much as people doing jobs that will make them rich.
  • For some people, "poor" means working hard and still not being able to afford healthcare or education or a decent existence.
  • For some people, "rich" means being healthy, happy, loved and at peace with themselves.
  • We need to stop glorifying the wrong definitions of rich and poor.
  • We need to start valuing character more than we value status.
  • We need to instill in our children better reasons for pursuing education.
  • We need to start seeing each person for what they really are rather than for what we think they might be.
  • We need to start portraying ourselves in the way we want to be seen.
  • We need to stop making excuses for our poverty of character and morals.
  • The rich man receiving government assistance for being rich needs to stop telling the poor man not to receive government assistance for being poor.
  • We need to do away with labels for government assistance that demonize the poor while excusing or applauding the rich.
  • Those who use their wealth to trample, loot and corrupt are as bad as the poor who use their poverty as an excuse to trample, loot and corrupt.
  • Prince or pauper, we are all human.
  • We need to stop banding together as the "haves" and the "have nots" and start banding together as the brothers and sisters who are all trying to live our lives the best we can.
  • We need to start valuing the lives of all good people, rich or poor.