Tuesday, April 22, 2014

**LINKS** For Writers, Net Users & the Curious

I found most of these sites via StumbleUpon. Enjoy.

I'll start with a fun one: Fodey lets you generate a newspaper clipping, like this one:
You KNOW I'll be using this a LOT!
There are other things you can create. Check out the links in small print at the top of the Fodey page.

  1. From makeuseof (which is a pretty nifty site), some guides you might be able to make use of. I'm interested in the ones for audiophiles and building a PC. I'll point out for Apple-eaters that there are ones that Mac and iPhone users might really like to check out. (Notice that you can either view or download the articles.)
  2. Text Mechanic is something I'll use when I copy and paste text from emails. Clean things up. But there's more here to check out.
  3. This list of useful websites is from 2012, but I like that there is such a variety.
  4. A QR Code Generator. I just want to play around with  this one, but I know some of you will know how to use it from the get-go.
  5. Create a website? Hmm... Sounds interesting.
  6. If you want to convert various media types. For free. Without downloading any software.
  7. Another document management/converter site.
  8. I don't know why you'd want to but, if you do, you can find sounds at Find Sounds. ~shrug~
  9. This is called iTools, but it's for finding tools - for language, media, searching, etc. - Mac & i or otherwise.
  10. When I saw the words "talk tech," I knew this wasn't for me, but... The blog is "where sys admins meet and talk tech." Talk tech to me. Love that.
  11. I have no idea why you'd want to "barcode yourself" (because, as a Christian, the idea creeps me out), but that's what caught my eye on this site. There are many ways art-meets-tech kinds of things you can do.
  12. The Hemingway app helps clean up your writing. 
  13. Adjust Your Privacy helps you do just that. I guess.
  14. Internet Frog (cute) helps you optimize your PC and internet. I guess. 
  15. Votiro - use a cloud source to clean files before you... whatever you want to do with them. (Sounds good to me & I have no idea how to explain it!)
  16. Login2 helps you log in to sites without signing up for a log in on that site. (It didn't work with some sites, but it did with others. Worth a look.)
  17. Top Sites works well. For general searches.
  18. AppStorm has a list of alternatives to popular software. I found replacements for Powerpoint in Sliderocket; PhotoShop in Aviary; and some others. The original StumbleUpon article is from 2011 so I wasn't surprised that the link for Acrobat didn't work.
I will be back with more, but I think you'll be busy with these 18 for a while!