Thursday, May 08, 2014

***REVIEW*** Zoomingo Shopping App

I love shopping, but because everything in my life revolves around a budget, I really love shopping apps that help me stay on target. Zoomingo has to be one of my favorite shopping apps. You can get it here on Play (and here for iPhone).

Even the logo is cool
I'm about to get all long-winded in describing it to you, but I'll start with a simple explanation of why I love it: It's like having a private shopping mall on your phone. Seriously. I find myself browsing for my favorite stuff before I head out to the actual stores. It's such a great way to organize your shopping list and budget  - before you even leave the house - when you have an idea of what your choices are.

There's a lot of use you can get out of the app, but I'll try covering it from my personal perspective:

  • I can see sales/prices for stores in my area
  • I'm lazy and don't want to drive all over town comparing prices, so...
  • I can choose to view sales "at a glance" (ex: sales & coupons, top clearance items, or by category, or Editor's Pick)
  • When checking stores I prefer, I can see at a glance how may items they have on sale
  • Because my stores are listed, I never forget to check one (that I might otherwise forget)
  • I can view sales "by category" (women, men, home, electronics, etc.)
  • If I like one of the listed stores, I can "follow" it via the app
  • I can view and add items to my "Shopping List", see end date of sale,  get item details, share details with friends, map location, call the location
  • If I want, I can create a "Shopping Circle" with friends & family. (That's all I need, huh? A bunch of shopaholics with an app to enable us!)
Whew! That's a lot, right? Because you can track and view so much information with the app, I like that I can go into profile and see what I've got going on: my shopping circle, stores I'm following, categories I'm following (I almost forgot to mention that), items on my price-watch list (did I mention that one?), and the items I've "Liked."

Like I said, there's a lot to like about this app. Currently, my favorite part of it is checking the sales and coupons. 

I got so wrapped up in the app, I forgot to mention Zoomingo online.

Have fun & don't blame me for your shopping addiction!


***REVIEW*** Travalo Refillable Perfume Perfume Atomizer

Found this at Perfumania here in Anchorage while looking for Mother's Day gifts. 

Cute, handy, affordable

 It's a refillable atomizer by Travalo. Other than being perfect as a gift, here are the other plusses of this item:

  • Cute (see the colors below)
  • Sturdy (is glass, not plastic)
  • Handy (really does fit well in purse or pocket)
  • Refills (at least at my local Perfumania) are just $10
  • Refilling with your own perfume spray bottles is pretty easily done
  • 65 sprays for your 10 bucks
  • compared to "mini-sized" fragrances, it's cheaper

sounded simple, but I wasn't convinced!

I was worried about how messy it would be to refill the atomizer until I watched the clerk at Perfumania set up my gift bottle. It was really pretty simple. I had one of those wish-I'd-thought-of-that moments when I realized the process is similar to using butane lighter.

glass bottle

Good thing I found this. The perfume I wanted to gift was in the $90 range. That wasn't going to happen this year!

couldn't find this size in local store :-(

It's Honey by Marc Jacobs. By the way, I am in love with this perfume myself. If I start saving up right this minute, I might be able to "put a little something on it" by next year. Beautifully layered fragrance! Just amazing.

How freaking cute is the bottle!!!

You know that bottle is one you'd keep forver...

Before I forget, here are the various colors the Travalo atomizer comes in:

I'm partial to the gold one