Monday, May 12, 2014

***REVIEW*** Well, Well, Well... Miss Jessie's, I Got Ya!

***UPDATE May 14, 2014: When I shampooed my hair last night, I discovered that where Miss Jessie's is only so-so as a styling product, it is TOPS as a conditioner. I failed to take a photo, but I almost cannot describe how wonderful my hair felt and looked. I had tons of big, soft curls. I washed my hair prior to dyeing it, but I really hated to mess with those curls. I have now re-applied Miss Jessie's (my way) and can't wait for my next rinse-out to see if I get those same luscious, soft curls.***

So... 'Memba when, a while back, I was interested in trying out the products by Miss Jessie's? And remember how I mentioned there was no way I could afford the products? And how, even if I could find samples to purchase, that I couldn't afford to have them shipped to me?

If you remember all that, then you remember that I never heard back from Miss Jessie's when I emailed them trying to find another way to get samples for purchase. I pretty much wrote off the company. I figure that, if I don't deserve a customer service response, they don't deserve what they want to charge for a product.

I was done with Miss Jessie's.

~dusts hands~

Until yesterday.

Apparently, no one in Anchorage is willing to pay the originally marked price for a product most of us up here are unfamiliar with. Miss Jessie's products were marked down a bit at Target. Not much (just 5 bucks off for the Pillow Soft Curls), but enough that my sister surprised me with a tube for an early Mother's Day gift.

Still about 18 bucks - on discount! Hmmph.
(You might be thinking that this is a strange Mother's Day gift, but, to me, it was perfect. That's the way we roll, my sister and I. Flowers die, cards get lost, but curls are a beautiful thing!)

Now, is Miss Jessie's worth the price? Well... Not really.

The instructions are to apply a "capful" of the product to "damp, freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair". When you have "good coverage", you are to scrunch your hair to "encourage" the curls.

Maybe I'm still pissy because of my pre-ownership experience with Miss Jessie's. Right off, I'm irritated that I'm going to have to wash and condition my hair three days after my last wash. That's my own doing for being so anxious to try this stuff.

Next, I'm thinking, "What capful?" There's no cap to fill. (Yeah, so I am being really pissy about this!)

Like I said, I'm determined to make this last (or have as full a tube as possible when I return it to the store), so I'm careful not to over-saturate my hair. I do the scrunching thing and wait for my hair to air-dry.

Results: super-crunchy hair. I mean Cheetos-crunchy.

My dried hair felt like it had a light coating of shellac. Seriously. And I hate that. Crunchy hair is the one of the enemies of a naturalista. (Amen, girls?)

The worst thing about products that crunchy-coat hair - any type of hair - is not just the icky feel, but also the breakage. One of the reasons I went natural was to be good to my hair, to encourage its health and growth. Okay, and because I love the look and feel. Crunchy is not the feel I'm going for. Crunchy is for snacks, not hair.

Because I didn't want to damage my hair, I had to spend long minutes massaging the curls to loosen that shellac-like coating. Then I spent another fifteen minutes or so gently combing through in sections. The whole process kind of defeated the "Pillow Soft Curls" thing. When I finished, there were no curls. I had a big, dried-out looking pillow-puffy 'fro.


Since I had already washed my hair more in three days than is good for it, I didn't even want to do a rinse. What I ended up doing is babying my scalp with my good old reliable Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and easing up my dried out hair with some StaSofFroand and a gentle massage.

By now, it's dang near bedtime. I've neglected my laundry and cleaning for longer than I intended. I decided to just braid my hair for overnight. I was thinking that, maybe in the morning, I can apply this expensive crap to my dried hair to "encourage" the curl and (hmph!) actually have some "pillow soft" results.

Here is a pic taken before Miss Jessie's

It's dry, as you can tell by the part behind my ear

And here is one I just took (post MJ)
I really need to get a better webcam, but...

I know that bottom pic is not the best, but I think you can tell that my hair does look softer and more moisturized. The downside: By touch, you can tell that there is product in my hair. If StaSofFro could get therapist certified to "encourage" more curl, it would be my choice over Miss Jessie's. It's waaaay cheaper, very softening and non-greasy to the touch - plus you can find it almost anywhere.
About 4 bucks & available at most retail stores
By the way, StaSofFro is one of the products I used frequently for a couple of months while growing out my hair from this stage:

Looking like mugshot...
Summary: Miss Jessie's did "encourage a nice curl; left my hair soft and moisturized. Of course, I had to tweak the directions a bit, and I can feel the product in my styled hair. Is this product good? Yep. Is it worth the price? Nah. I could get a cheaper curl cream to use in conjunction with the almost SIX bottles of StaSofFro.

I'm thankful to my sister for the gift, and I will use it up, but I won't be purchasing any more of this particular item in the future.