Saturday, May 17, 2014

Good Moments, Bad Moments

: Stuck doing chores on a nice day because you put them off all week.
: Finding the 5 dollar bill you forgot in pocket of dirty jeans.

: Spending too much time on your hair because it won't "act right" (and you don't even want to go to job/party/family event anyway).
: Your hair looks fabulous and everyone notices.

: Having to go to the gym - when you'd rather be doing anything else - because you ate too much at the potluck/party/family event.
: Putting on a favorite garment and realizing that it fits the way it's supposed to.

: Having to plaster a smile on your face when you really feel like crying.
Good: Running into someone who's having a worse day than you and knowing your smiled cheered them up (or at least didn't make them feel worse).

: Waking up freaked out by that strange sound outside your window (after watching crime shows all evening).
: Realizing that strange sound is just a cute little squirrel playing in the leaves.

: That recipe you've been working on didn't turn out quite the way it did for Guy Fieri.
: Your finished dish might not look all that great, but it tastes awesome.

: That little skitter thing your heart does because some idiot on the road with you never learned to go the speed limit/use their turn signal/drive on wet or icy pavement.
: When you think of all the people who have been killed by idiots like that and you're not one of them.

: Finding out that someone you love a lot is sick with a killer disease.
: Having one more day, one more week, or even one more moment with that person. And cherishing it more.