Tuesday, May 27, 2014

**REVIEW** Black Radiance Complexion Perfection

This is Complexion Perfection Liquid Foundation from Black Radiance*.

Let me start by saying how nice it is to use makeup formulated (by shade and balance) for black skin tones. Even though I think I got a shade that is a bit darker than my own, it still looks better than when I get a shade too light for my tone.

First thing to love about this product: the brush applicator. Second thing: how the brush applicator is set up.


That the removable applicator brush comes with its own cap cover is handy in a couple ways: It's detached from the makeup when not in use, and I can toss the covered brush into my handbag without worrying about smears. Nice.

What do I love about the foundation? Everything. Namely:
  • Goes on very lightly and evenly. 
  • Blends in perfectly with my skin tone (women who can buy makeup almost anywhere take this for granted).
  • Is not sticky or heavy - and it doesn't smear at the casual touch. (This is a big deal with dark makeup.)
  • My skin did not feel or, more importantly, look made up. It just looked, well, "perfected". No chalky/ashy look & no greasy shine.
By the way, this was not a freebie. It was a gift from someone I adore who watches my Gift List and, when he knows I'm feeling unloved, he surprises me like this. (Thanks, P. Gifts or no, you are very special!)

Now that I have found this foundation, I need to check out more things from Black Radiance. I'm just super-excited to find makeup that works for me - without adjustments or excuses.

I've been checking Amazon for more of the Black Radiance products (because I have a trial Prime membership) and will let you know if I decide to order some of their other items. Like these: 

That "Warm Berry" is gonna be mine

~sigh~ a BB cream for me. Finally.

Don't even get me started on the eyeshadows...

So in love with that eye palette!
Oh! I almost forgot the most important thing: Price. Both the eye palette and the BB cream runs around $5 each.

I'm in with makeup again. (I'm going to be contacting my local Walmart and Walgreen stores because, as of now, they are not carrying the items in Anchorage.)


*This is a new product so I didn't see it on their website but, trust me, it's gorgeousness.