Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The "I'm Gonna" Shopping List

I'm so fickle sometimes.

As I was writing out my list for my next shopping trip, I found last month's list. And made myself giggle.

This is last month's list (with its notes):

  • Granola (organic, bulk)
  • Grapes (for the hydration and late-night snacks)
  • Berries - raspberry, strawberry, blackberry. (If on sale. For my smoothies. This month is going to be smoothie month.)
  • Prune juice (to make prune pops & to add to smoothies)
  • Cereal (the usual: Honey Bunches, Quaker Squares. When I'm tired of grapes & instead of chocolate.
  • Only one jar of Vanilla Caramel Creamer. (Gotta cut back on the coffee!)
Okay. I pretty much stuck to the shopping list, but what I did with the items is a whole other story.

I made cookies with the granola and ate the whole pound of grapes during a Netflix night marathon of "Nightmare Next Door". (Gave myself a serious case of "bathroom runs" and made a solemn vow to stay away from the prune juice for a week.

I did use the berries for smoothies. Mostly. Then, since I had no grapes left for snacking, I finished off the berries - all of them - in two days.

The creamer lasted all of three and half days. (Did you know that vanilla caramel creamer is yummy in vanilla chai tea?)

I ate cereal a few times, but I was still pretty cleaned out by the grapes and I heard that the cereal might have the same effect. I still have most of both boxes left over.

Besides the laxative effects grapes have on a grape glutton, I learned that it's very easy to justify making a store run for just one chocolate bar to go with the last of the peanut butter in a jar. I also learned that I really don't like organic, plain granola unless it's in a cookie.

This month's list looks like this so far:
  • Grapes (but just half a pound this time)
  • Just two jars of Vanilla Caramel creamer.
  • Apple juice to blend with the prune juice (just in case I get around to making those pops)
  • Two chocolate bars (to save myself the gas money of midnight store runs)
  • Some more of that delicious vanilla chai tea (because I'm still cutting back on coffee!)
  • Some frozen yogurt (to go with the berries I get on sale)

I should just start shopping meal-by-meal. The way I'm going now, I'm just feeding my fickle belly.


**REVIEW** Insta Natural Youth Express Age-Defying Moisturizer

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Insta Natural Youth Express Age-Defying Moisturizer is certainly one of the most natural I've seen.

with a pump applicator
Here is a partial list of ingredients:

Botanical Hyaluronic acid;
blend of Vitamin C,
Vitamin B5,
Cocoa Butter,
Green Tea
and Cucumber Distillate;
Aloe Vera,
Coconut oil,
Jojoba oil,
Sunflower oil,
Rosehip oil,
Flaxseed oil,
Avocado oil,
Evening Primrose

It's "98%" natural. There is Cetyl, Ceteayl and Stearyl alcohols and various ingredients listed that account for the other 2%.

The first two things I noticed as I read the labels: 1) Product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which may increase skin sensitivity to sun, and 2) Despite those other 2% of the ingredients, product is safe to use around the eyes.

(By the way, I like that the label included a warning for anyone possibly allergic to tree nuts.)

At the first application, I felt that it was a bit heavy for my skin - sort of weighty and sticky. After a couple of minutes of massaging it in well, I liked the feel much better. It feels nourishing and gives my skin a slightly (very slightly) tingly sensation.

My skin feels hydrated, as promised, and it also feels very toned. After a moment or two, it's as if my body heat worked with the product to let it absorb into my face so that the initial "weighty-sticky" feel dissipated completely. Any dryness was certainly gone.

I did some scanning research of a few of the ingredients and noticed that they are supposed to be excellent for skin care and hydration. And, of course, I am crazy about the "mostly natural" thing.

I like it, but I will only be wearing it to bed. My skin is one of those sensitive types and I live in a place where we get something like 18 hours of sun during the summer. Sunscreen use is advised.

You can use the link at the beginning of this post to get the product at Amazon, or you can visit the InstaNatural website here. Note the 100 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Nice.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.