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Saturday, April 28, 2012

G, The Coolness

Up too early again... Want to call someone so I'm not up alone, but the time is so crazy that even the Texas BFF is probably still asleep. Oh well. Guess I'll drag you all along while I go cruise the G.

This photo caught my eye & held it. This is too pretty to eat. I think I'd just shellac it and hang it on a wall (credit to hong duxuemin)

This next pic was on the G+ page of this lady. (She's a fave G-Plusser.)

Funny because it kind of goes with a post a bunch of us have been passing around as a compliment:
Meant only with love!

This just blew my weak-assed little mind. (The credit to this super-cool art blog . I just bookmarked it because I am going to be spending a lot of time over there.)

This made me smile & cringe at the same time. You have to know that I am so hooked on that stupid Angry Birds game. Not mature at all, but sometimes it just give my mind a safe place to go! LOL
Yeah. Well.

If you do get over to G+, there are some people you should make a point of checking out. Not that I don't have a million favorites, but here are a few for you:

Marija Falina - Aside from having a name I covet, she is a bad-to-bone artist. Her sketchbook work is freaking amazing. She contributes here. I can't even tell you how impressed I am with her stuff. I have the artistic talent of a drunk puppy & I "get" her, That's some boss ass talent. The only other artist I truly feel is Georgia O'Keeffe, who was all in your face with her big old flowers. (I swear I should take a class on Art For Slow People because it was only after about 10 years of loving Georgia's flowers that I started seeing all the vaginas in them. Do you know a friend had to point that shit out to me?) Anyway, check out Marija because in addition to he talent, she's a super-nice person.

Peter From - Interesting dude. Writes historical fact books, is an amazing photographer & just seems to be a pretty nice guy who teach other photogs a thing or two. What I really like about Peter is that he is a natural teacher. He obviously loves what he does & wants to spread the fever. Good for him.

Frasier Cain - (OK, first of all, I always imagine he has a brother named Niles & a housekeeper named Daphne...) I got hip to him when I was invited into his Science Circle. Yeah. Somebody fucked up & assumed I'd fit into that crowd! It has been good for me tho. Frasier & his folks are smart but not assholes. I learn so much their postings. Frasier also puts out Universe Today, and if you aren't impressed yet, well he has a freaking asteroid named after him. That's so pimp.

I hear baby D.J. trying to wake up. I might have someone really cute to keep me company in a moment. Hallelujah! I will log off before Deej really starts to wail. Let the Mommy & Daddy catch a few extra zzzz's... And you would too. I mean, just look at this cuteness right here...
The fam's current little rug rat. We're all in love.