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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why, G

As you know, G+ is an addiction of mine. The people are super-chill and there is a group or a page or a something for everyone. All mu buddies over there are supportive & they don't freak when I stop making sense while going through a Sarc moment. (Having one of those now, so try to read around any weirdness here.)

I just now went over to the G to see what was up & once again, I have a bunch of Adds that I neglected. I need to keep up with that. Here's the thing about people who Add me on G: some are so compatible with my way of thinking that I get why they did an Add. Some are just spammish, trying to get their marketing out to you. Those are funny because they are usually sneaky enough to throw a couple of interesting & normal posts in every now & then before they blammo you with their adverts. Some folks are way different from me, but still have a sense of humor or sweetness or artistic something that appeals. But some are just plain creepy. I shiver when I see the ones who have that crazy-looking picture on their profile & a bio that makes me want to call 911.

When I was offline for a couple days recently, I didn't expect that I'd be going back to a totally revamped site. Google is rolling out some changes to the look of Plus. I like it so far, but sure hope they don't go all Facebook on us & start changing everything up every ten minutes. I have a hard enough time focusing as it is.


I have no idea what the heck this post was going to be about. I had an idea when I started, but it's gone now! Damn this 4a.m. wake-up crap. I promise to get my brain back on track and do a more coherent posting soon.