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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pre-Friday Groove (Music Only Post)

My G+ buddy Kevin and I have been on a music kick. He posts some of the best stuff over there. I'm just bored, housebound & trying to keep up. Enjoy.

I won't admit to being "old," but I remember when most of the slow jams were a lot like this one (real life feelings without the x-rated lyrics. Oh yeah, and the artists could actually sing.)

There's a reason this stuff is called "baby-making" music, so be careful.

These guys were a discovery of Earth, Wind & Fire. That smooth harmonizing. Love it.

ONE of my first innocent kisses was to this song right here...

And to stay with Rufus for a moment,

Oh! This one here. Love it. I had a good friend when I was younger. She just about played the grooves off the LP (Yes, younger people, I know I am speaking the foriegn language of Yester-ancient...) My friend declared this the best make-out song ever. Hmm... it's one of them, but

THIS is my pick. It's so sweet and sad, isn't it? Okay, maybe not meant to be a make-out song, but you know what I mean. Damn. I wish I was in love! LOL

                                 (They looking a little... Goofy-happy here, huh? LOL)

And.... The cause of who knows HOW many babies. The man, the voice, the smoothness... Marvin Gaye. (OK, Marvin was a little bit whack-a-doo, but I'll be damned if he didn't just do the damn thing with this song):

I dare you to even think about liking someone & getting them somewhere with this playing. This song is pure trouble, I tell ya! LOL Better do like old-school Mamas used to say & put them knees together and duck-walk the hell out of there!

Okay. That's it for right now. I might be back if I get too bored. (The fam is still worried about me drivng. I feel fine; don't know what their problem is.) Since I am on the music kick, I'm going to go and do some dancing. Try to burn off some of this fat on my ass. For that, my playlist is set up as:

"Irresistible B**ch" (Prince)
"Welcome to the Jungle" (GNR)
"Lose Control" (Missy Elliot)
"Fame" (David Bowie)
"Dancing Machine" (Jackson 5) Quit laughing. Baby DJ loves this one!
"Lady Cab Driver" (Prince) cabdriver - cab driver? ~shrug~
"Rockafeller Skank" (Fatboy Slim)
"Just Fine" (Mary J. Blige) Somedays I really feel like this. Not today. Not yet, but maybe later.