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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Randomness

(For those who get the email posts, I apologize. I'm having a crooked morning. I think I've had to edit/update this one 4 times. Sorry bout that. I'm leaving it alone for now. Try to read through the fog.)

I am not s'posed to be putting up anything here that is going into the project. It's kind of tough not to be on here, running my motor mouth every minute.

Still & all, I have plenty to share. Here are some pics I just flipped through on the phone:

This is not a great pic quality wise, but it's pretty special. It's my niece & another mommykins returning from their first stroller walk with the babies. My girl has waited a looong time to be a Mommy. I'm so proud & happy. Almost missed getting even this shot. Good thing I glanced out the window just in time... (This would be my favorite pic if I had gone & cleaned the front windows last week like I meant to! lol)

These of Kita Kat from when he was a kitten. Crazy little bastard. Was the only one who probably didn't hate me at that time. I'd just been released from the hospital & was running real low on sanity. Kita gets me because he's also crazy as hell. That might be because we thought he was a girl until those balls dropped. Wonder if he is gender-confused? Nah. Just crazy, I think. (BTW: Kita is about to be re-named The Boss, thanks to Randy over on G+)

"Hang on, Trudy! I'm coming to save you, girl!"
(Actually, he was trying to break out of the house to join me on the deck.)
"Aw, shit! Not good, not good..."

I just love this one of DJ. Does he not look like a straight-outta-Compton thug? We have better plans for him, but this picture just cracks me up. I call this one "Thuggy-D," but not around his parents. They think I'm a responsible adult...

"Say whaaat?"

I'm kind of proud of these curtains. The fabric on the left looked a little crappy until I turned them into the summer curtains on the right. Kita digs it. My bedroom window is where his sits to watch over his kingdom. I have to keep that space looking fly.

What the purple & blue hell!!!

Pretty sure I posted the pic of these boots before. Can't help it. I'm fascinated. Trying to figure out who the hell other than Prince, Little Richard or some crackass hoe would wear this bullshit. There is no way in hell that can work. (OK - Prince could make it work. That sexy little mother**cker.)

Let's all pause & have a Prince moment:

(You better watch this real quick. Prince is sexy - and a little bit fucked up in the head - but he doesn't like his music being out there. The man likes getting paid. Sue me. Blood from a dead turnip.)

Now, these are some cute boots. I know I must've posted these before. They look plain the the pic, but, damn were they cute. Of course, I can barely walk a straight line in flats. This kind of look right here is going to be off limits on my clumsy, baffled ass for a loooong minute.

Alrighty. My mood has passed. I'm going to get up and do something productive. Maybe take the Deej for a stroll down the street. Let me quit lying. I'm about to go down and find something to eat. Trying to stop this smoking again. Damnit. 


P.S.: I'm sorry, but I had to come back for a minute after I viewed the Prince vid again. Everyone take note: This man is so damn confident. You have to be either be a balls to the wall headcase or just freaking delusional to be like Prince. That man is all of 5 foot 1 (or maybe 2) and pulls off sexy like nobody's business. I have a 7 year old nephew taller than Prince...

That's some kind of sexy. Prince wears heels and pulls it off. He wears eyeliner and pulls it off. He's the only man prettier than a woman that I'd want to be seen with.


Okay. Show's over.