Friday, April 06, 2012

With A Fight

Might be a while before I post again, but I am determined to do this one.

I woke at about 4:30 this morning because of a strange pain behind my left eye. Scared hell out of me. Have always feared getting sick or something while everyone else is asleep. The pain would not go away, but I didn't want to panic (even though my easily worried and half-hypochondriac self immediately thought of aneurysm, stroke, this damn Sarc!)

The pain went away (mostly) after about half an hour, but on my way out of bed and to the bathroom, I noticed a weakness in my arms and legs, and unbalance in my movements. Went past Scared Mode and into About To Be Terrified.

It's now about 7 a.m. I feel shaky still, typing is super-tedious, and I will be damned if this is the one morning my nephew wasn't up for work at the crack of dawn. No one is up - not the baby, not my sister down the hall... Of all mornings for everyone to turn Rip Van Winkle on me!

I am going to sit here very still and quiet. Have already mailed my one niece (who is up because of the time in North Carolina). Have checked in on G+ (am I too weird or what?), and have checked my email. Someone here should be waking up soon. I suppose I might have to do in to the hospital, but I am sitting here just praying that I am going to feel better before that has to happen.

And what is on my mind? My blog, my living and being and doing until I absolutely cannot. Will never go down without a fight for the life God has given me.