Sunday, April 15, 2012

Musical Flashback

I've always loved this song. Always thought it was so soft and sweet. Even when a good friend tried to ruin it for me by hinting that Bette wasn't singing about dancing at all.

Just a sweet, nice and easy listen.

I couldn't find a video with the original. In this one she kind of vamps it up a bit, but that's Bette for you!

Predni- bitch..

I always talk about the prednisone and the predni-pounds it puts on me, but, man, the attitude crap is horrible! I have been a complete and total bitch to almost everyone this weekend.

That I have friends left & family still claiming me is a testament to the power of love. Theirs for me.

Every day I try to get a photo of my nephew DJ. We're planning to do a video for his Christening in July. Well, usually, he sees me coming with the camera (or just sees coming, because he loves me) and I get a big, wonderful grin or giggle or both. Not this morning. See, yesterday (I think it happened yesterday), I got so frustrated by not being able to get out and away by myself that I went on a little spree of ugliness. I'm talking about snapping at everyone and just being a real snot. During one of my moments, I happened to pass DJ and did not smile or speak to him. Oh shit.

This is the look I got from Deej when I tried taking a good pic a while ago:

You notice that he is not even looking my way. He is looking at the basketball game his dad has on TV. He's not sad or anything, he is just not the least bit interested in me. I think that is DJ-mode for Two Can Play That Nasty Mood...

So. Of course, my feelings were hurt. I spent the next few minutes pulling out all the pet names I have for him. I made faces, I clapped my hands - basically I made a fool of myself. Like I said, it took a minute. Finally I brought out the big guns and used my/his favorite name: Sugar Snickle.


We're are back in love. Everything's gonna be all right!

Now, if only it was so easy to make up with the big people...

I am going to be making some phone calls and sending texts for a while. Have to make up for being a predni-bitch.