Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pre-Friday Groove (Music Only Post)

My G+ buddy Kevin and I have been on a music kick. He posts some of the best stuff over there. I'm just bored, housebound & trying to keep up. Enjoy.

I won't admit to being "old," but I remember when most of the slow jams were a lot like this one (real life feelings without the x-rated lyrics. Oh yeah, and the artists could actually sing.)

There's a reason this stuff is called "baby-making" music, so be careful.

These guys were a discovery of Earth, Wind & Fire. That smooth harmonizing. Love it.

ONE of my first innocent kisses was to this song right here...

And to stay with Rufus for a moment,

Oh! This one here. Love it. I had a good friend when I was younger. She just about played the grooves off the LP (Yes, younger people, I know I am speaking the foriegn language of Yester-ancient...) My friend declared this the best make-out song ever. Hmm... it's one of them, but

THIS is my pick. It's so sweet and sad, isn't it? Okay, maybe not meant to be a make-out song, but you know what I mean. Damn. I wish I was in love! LOL

                                 (They looking a little... Goofy-happy here, huh? LOL)

And.... The cause of who knows HOW many babies. The man, the voice, the smoothness... Marvin Gaye. (OK, Marvin was a little bit whack-a-doo, but I'll be damned if he didn't just do the damn thing with this song):

I dare you to even think about liking someone & getting them somewhere with this playing. This song is pure trouble, I tell ya! LOL Better do like old-school Mamas used to say & put them knees together and duck-walk the hell out of there!

Okay. That's it for right now. I might be back if I get too bored. (The fam is still worried about me drivng. I feel fine; don't know what their problem is.) Since I am on the music kick, I'm going to go and do some dancing. Try to burn off some of this fat on my ass. For that, my playlist is set up as:

"Irresistible B**ch" (Prince)
"Welcome to the Jungle" (GNR)
"Lose Control" (Missy Elliot)
"Fame" (David Bowie)
"Dancing Machine" (Jackson 5) Quit laughing. Baby DJ loves this one!
"Lady Cab Driver" (Prince) cabdriver - cab driver? ~shrug~
"Rockafeller Skank" (Fatboy Slim)
"Just Fine" (Mary J. Blige) Somedays I really feel like this. Not today. Not yet, but maybe later.


Us & Our Purses...

I tend to step into & out of G+ like an alternate universe I visit (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes just pulled by the site's centrifugal force), but I usually have a decent reason for posting over there.

This is a post just made for the folks in the Plussiverse. 

First, to the ladies: (which I have told you all about time & time again...) is working with in a giveaway. 1st prize - Kindle Fire. 2nd prize - a GoGo Squeeze. (I'm not gonna lie; I want the Kindle & don't know or care enough to Google what a GoGo Squeeze is. Maybe later I will look it up, but I am on fire - get it - for that Kindle.) 

**NOTE: After I started this post, I checked on the SheSpeaks site & discovered that you can be without a Pinterest account & still enter, but... (get ready to be pissed)... you have to log into FaceBook to alert SheSpeaks to your Pinterest vid or pics and share the links. Umm... NO! No freaking way am I dealing with that demon-site of FB. Don't know if it will work, but I sent my board link to SheSpeaks via their own site. So, looks like I'm out, but I sure hope that one of you gets lucky!**

The deal is that you make a video or a "board" of the contents of your purse. Cool, right? So get over there and go for it. I'll be happy for anyone who wins unless it's some rich chick who can easily afford buying the Kindle. 

Now, to the rest of you, I want to say that it was a bit interesting to even think about opening my purse for such public viewing. Kind of fun-interesting, weird-interesting and a little bit why-interesting. Just the kind of strange thing that made me want to go further. (Understand something: I am of limited entertainment currently & just a few hours ago I was having fun - I mean, BIG fun - teasing Kita Kat with a laser light. If I don't get out of this house and find other things to do, I will be playing with Baby D.J.'s toys...)


What I got to thinking about is why not show something of myself. Maybe because I am too shy to be any other type of exhibitionist, this is a Trudy-way to have some innocent fun. Whatever. 

So, I have a photo tour of my current purse that I am going to share here. Doing the pics for that was such a boredom-buster, that I added a couple more items to show.

Depends on exactly how bored you guys are now. Will you be looking?
First - this is the purse I was carrying when I did the Purse Peek

This is the purse I need to carry at all times:
...And one of the BFFs knew this because she gifted me this bag after watching me try to cram my life into purses that looked like this:
... Which is yet another gift. Do ya notice that I have friends who are not only just amazing people, but also have great taste & an amazing generosity? My friends family & I all believe in sharing & giving very openly. Because I love those guys, I have not resorted to hocking the Coach or Prada. No ma'am. I'll be on the street looking a hot, broke-ass mess before I do that. Those were given with love.

Now - like I said, I've been carrying the purse at the top. That is about to change fast. I didn't realize how much crap I had crammed in there until I did this Peek thing. Let me tell you, I'm going to be pulling out this one:

And tho I'm not crazy about the strap length, here's why it's gonna be in service soon:
Laser used to drive Kita Kat crazy
Has lasted 5yrs. Must stretch to last!!
$0.99 gloss bought in TX. Stretching this to last
One of my fave scents. 1yr old w/added sunscreen!

This pitiful, empty thing here...
Yeah. Tossing this bottom-of-the-purse ickiness!
I don't even use reg sugar - only brown or raw

Very essential for ideas & crap I have to note for memory

Lifesaver! AZ taught me SO well!
I add this to almost every cream I own.

      Why??? I have the other Mead planner.       
                         This is cuter tho                                     Eyedrops. MUST-have                                             The back-up to the patches: Nico gum

What is wrong with me? Why do I need all this stuff? I do need it, though. All of it. Matter of fact, I just now thought of a couple things I better add...