Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday S'posed To Be

I am supposed to be writing. Got up again at the damn dawn of time so I might as well be doing something productive, right?

Um hm.

Yeah, I'm so productive that I called & woke up BFF "B" (Texas "B," Alaska B was here til around midnight). Told B that I needed some motivation to quit fidgeting so I could just sit & write. She pretty much said something kind of foul to me & said she'll call me later.

So I'm not writing, trying not to smoke, trying not to eat & damnit, those blueberry muffins from Costco are just screaming my name!...  All I've got left for now is to surf the Net, add another 3 million apps to my phone, and... bore the crap out of you guys with this lame ass post.

Just thought of something to share with you: B & I went to Old Navy last night. She has an upcoming informal wedding to attend and I have... Well, I have serious wardrobe issues. All my really cute warm-weather wear is really snug. (I will tell you in another post - maybe later today - about an outfit I wore on Friday.)

Anyway, we hit up O.N, because there's a sale on & B has a coupon. Since Nordstrom and any boutique downtown is now way out of limits, O.N. is my spot & usually they have great bargains...


The sale yesterday? Pure bullshit. The only stuff on sale (IMO) was so damn ugly it belonged at a really bad yardsale. (I might be exxagerating a little.) Some of the stuff was cute. All that "cute" came in sizes -6 to 6. And what was in my size?

Yeah. That's the kind of neon fugliness I had to consider.

Bump that. Dark-skinned as I am, in that bright California-Crayon-colored mess, I'd look like fucking Flavor Flav in drag. Besides being a hot white smoking mess out of some low-class design school class, that crap was not really made for summer. The fabric is the kind to stick to you if you have one bead of sweat on you. (I pretty much said all this out loud - not real loud - to B. This stingy bitch goes, "But, girl it's only eight dollars." I had to remind myself that friendship is a process.)

I stood around that rack for about 10 minutes just to see if anyone else was interested in such crap. The only person who even paused on the way by did the same thing I did: took a picture. You know she put that up  on Facebook or something. Probably labelled as "Funny Pic of the Day."

Yeah. So, I didn't find much at the Navy. I did get a cute t-shirt that will probably shrink the first time I wash it & make me look like an orange Jamaican dumpling. I got it because it only cost $3.99 and I just knew I had a pair of shorts in a matching color at home. I did. Threw those out when I remembered what size they were in.

(Note: This having to only post stuff not to be in the book is going to be tough. I hope I don't end up running you guys off.)

Okay, so I can quit bugging the piss out of you guys. People are rising around here. You know we have to get ready for our Sunday eats. B is going to show us how to make her Fruit Pizza & my sister is going to teach both of us how to make Nilla Wafer Pudding Pie. I've eaten enough of it in my life for the recipe to be engraved on my gut, but...  I was supposed to take out some chicken last night & forgot so my sister is about to have a fit when I tell her. Tough. They know better than to give me stuff like that to do! LOL

Seriously tho - hope everyone has a good Sunday, a peaceful & stress-free Sunday. Be blessed, be happy and just try to be free.